‘ON / OFF’ wins 229 International Awards

Nicolás VIllarreal ‘s  short animated film ON / OFF has captured 229 Awards including 10 Oscar Qualifying Festivals putting it on track to getting noticed for this year’s Oscars in the Animated Short Category.

VIllarreal created ON / OFF because he wanted to communicate and investigate how social media can be a detrimental distraction to creative minds. 
“Striking original artwork, animation style and audio, portraying a troubled future for creativity”.  – Best Animated Film at MTIFF 
VIllarreal was born and raised in Plata, Argentina. He studied at the Escuela of Animacion y Cinematografia de Avellaneda. He has been a visual development artist and animator for Walt Disney Studios, Jim Henson and Amazon Studios among others. He is the director of the visual development and 2D animation department at the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco.
ON / OFF is Nicolás’ fourth short film. The animation director was featured by VOGUE as one of the top influential creative minds from Latin America has won many awards for his previous films including Best Animated Film at Toronto Film Festival for Kids with one of his previous films.
“It’s an exciting time right now. I am so happy with the reaction of the Festivals and public to the message of my film, ” said VIllarreal.