VFX Moonbug's popular live-action 'Blippi' gets its 3D animated version ‘Blippi Wonders’ -

Moonbug’s popular live-action ‘Blippi’ gets its 3D animated version ‘Blippi Wonders’

Moonbug is all set to adapt its live-action Blippi Won into a 3D animated program Blippi Wonders featuring the super-active and curious character Blippi.

In a statement Moonbug said the show marks the first time that Blippi, the creation of performer Stevin John, a child like character bedecked in a blue and orange beanie, suspenders, and bow tie will be available as a computer-generated cartoon. The series will feature Blippi’s faithful sidekicks Tabbs and Fetch.

Moonbug Entertainment general manager of Blippi Katelynn Heil said, “Blippi Wonders captures the spirit of our live-action program while allowing Blippi to take adventures he could never go on before, this program promotes the themes important to early child development-curiosity, adventure, friendship, inclusion and independence. We cannot wait for families to watch Blippi in this new format.”

The new program launched on 29 September on YouTube, with a new three-minute episode airing each Tuesday.

The live-action show has been a hit thanks to Blippi’s appeal to both children and parents. Children become great friends with the lovable Blippi persona, and parents appreciate the interactive and educational teachings. Blippi has taught millions of kids how to count, colors, letters, and much more!

Blippi is the most popular pre-school show with 30 million followers on social media and one billion monthly YouTube views with additional distribution in eight languages across HBO Max , LatAm, Hulu, Amazon Kids Plus, Peacock, Roku, and Sky Kids.