Monsta goes big as Cartoon Network takes up ‘Mechamato’

WarnerMedia’s Cartoon Network has picked up Monsta’s new action-comedy animated series, Mechamato (26×22’) as part of its line-up for the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. The series is expected to premiere in Q4 2021.

Mechamato follows the adventures of a young boy named Amato who inadvertently becomes the master of MechaBot, a Power Sphera with the power to mechanize any daily life object into high-tech devices. Together they can combine into the titular armoured hero. With the help of his best friends, Mechamato is on a mission to defeat and capture bad robots before they cause more chaos in the city.

Commenting on this acquisition, WarnerMedia Entertainment Networks APAC Kids head Leslie Lee said, “Mechamato will be a great fit for Cartoon Network. It’s about an ordinary boy caught in fun, larger-than-life adventures with an amazing robot friend, and there promises to be plenty of laughs along the way. We’re looking forward to entertaining young viewers with this awesome new show across the Asia Pacific region.”

The show will feature a diverse cast of characters who will use their wits to solve their problems and inspire young viewers to be more creative and innovative. Earlier in April, Monsta released a three-minute ‘first-look’ video for the Mechamato series which has so far garnered almost 10 million views in total across Monsta’s digital platforms.

Mechamato is now open for pre-sales, and several different rights such as VOD, OTT and Free TV are still available for broadcasters and content platforms. In addition to the series, a featured-length movie is also available.

Monsta has always maintained a high level of quality in their animation. The studio’s main focus from the very beginning has been to use its characters and stories to inspire curiosity, encourage togetherness, and promote good moral values to viewers. As of today, Monsta is made up of more than 120 young and talented artists with a diverse set of skills and specialties who are committed to producing fresh new ideas and content for all of their series and movies.

After the phenomenal success of BoBoiBoy which garnered five billion views on digital platforms, Monsta now sets its sights on the wider global audience through this latest animated series. However, as Monsta also revealed that it has multiple content lined up for the next five years which will feature their own cast of characters and unique stories, all interconnected within a larger shared universe called the Power Sphera Universe.