Infobells’ kids content now streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Infobells Interactive Solutions’ content targeted to kids, is now available on Amazon Prime Video (APV). Helmed by Kuber Natarajan and his wife Jayalakshmi Kuber (creative director), Infobells offers the simplest learning solutions for young children with colourful videos and captivating music. The creative and interactive videos introduce various concepts easily in a fun way that makes a lasting impact and keeps kids hooked. 

With the significant rise in content consumption by kids during the pandemic led lockdown on TV and OTTs, this agreement with the global streamer will attract more eyeballs towards Infobells’ content. 

Elaborating on the nature of the deal, Infobells managing partner Natarajan said, “Our agreement is based on the Prime Video Direct- SVOD model. The platform will expose our content to its subscribers and we’ll be earning on the basis of engagement across the globe.”

Under this agreement, APV would feature 25 videos of 30 minutes each, covering Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and English languages to start with. Natarajan also informed that the deal might be scaled further based on the performance. Presently two Nursery rhyme videos are streaming on APV. 

Apart from content consumption, EdTech also saw a whopping increase with schools being shut and online classes being the new norm. Infobells’ YouTube channel saw a significant increase in the initial months post lockdown. Recently, visuals from Infobells Tenali Rama animated stories was featured on Mann Ki Baat– PM’s address to the nation to convey the importance of ancient stories, to instil moral values by the storyteller.

“The pandemic did disturb our daily routine, as most of us have to change our lifestyle and settle to work from home (WFH) infrastructure. On the brighter side, we have got a chance to entertain more viewers as this pandemic has given a big push in the way people consume content digitally. There was a 50 per cent increase in viewership in April, May, June which returned to usual numbers post July. Even though the numbers were rising, the revenue stream is extremely low for creators who are focusing only on kid’s content,” added he. 

Kuber Natarajan and Jayalakshmi Kuber

With all the animation production carried out in-house, the Infobells team was not prepared for the professional disruption of this nature. “It took a while for us to switch to WFH model by identifying and arranging the required technical solution. The coordination between teams and creation new assets was quite challenging. Our artists are facing a lot of technical problems working remotely as working on large, heavy files is a major issue. Now we are able to achieve around 70 per cent of our content requirement,” stated Natarajan.

Infobells is planning to start its in-office operations in a phased manner from October, and is willing to work full-fledged from office December 2020 onwards.