Indian animation veterans pay virtual tribute to Late Ram Mohan

Late Ram Mohan, the legend of Indian animation, who played a major role in shaping the current Indian animation industry and the major animators have carved a special place in everyone’s heart. He passed away last year on 11 October, leaving a void that cannot be filled. This year, on his first death anniversary, few animation veterans got together over a zoom session to pay tribute to their dear maestro.

A few of the wonderful people associated with him came together in a zoom meeting in “Ram Mohan Remembrance”. His wife, Sheila Rao with her brothers, and son Kartik Mohan were present to receive warmth and affection from people whose lives he touched. 

Tehzeeb and Kireet Khurana initiated the zoom call. “It was great to have sir’s wife Sheila join the animation fraternity for a personal, warm and nostalgic reunion of people who respected sir along with his steadfast Ram Mohan Biographics team that he had personally mentored,” Khurana mentioned. Veterans who were once a part of Ram Mohan Biographics, including Ajit Rao, Sanjiv Waeerkar, Shrirang Sathaye, Rani Burra Day, recalled their fond memories at Ram Mohan Biographics with Mohan


Films Division veterans Shri Swamy, Prof Sahasrabuddhe, Arun Gongade were also present along with ASIFA India’s Sanjay Khimesara. Gayatri Rao, Vaibhav Studios founder Vaibhav Kumaresh, TASI’s Ranjit (Tony) Singh, Animagic India founder and director Chetan Sharma were also present on the zoom call to pay their heartfelt tribute. 

Sharma said, “To me, the wide-eyed 15 year old, he was like a Zen master (or maybe Yoda). Everything and everyone seemed to amuse him. Sharma added. “There are precious few interviews and films on the life of the man fondly and justifiably the ‘Father of Indian Animation’. Thank you sir for all you did.”

Vaibhav Studios founder Vaibhav Kumaresh and Ranjit Singh ‘Tony’, who have been associated with Mohan in TASI also joined in to share their fond memories. 

Still from ‘Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama’

“A session of fond remembrance of a man who was so full of life. He brought much cheer to so many and touched our hearts in so many different ways.  Rambo (as I fondly called him) or Sirji, the moniker I invented specifically for him, continues to inspire us from the great beyond. Although it was a tad nostalgic, but there is never a dull moment whenever we talk about him, his work, his attitude and his endearing mischievousness. His insights and keen observations on life, situations and people continue to amaze and teach us everyday. No doubt, with every passing day, he will be sorely missed but he will be very hard to forget for those of us lucky to have been blessed by his presence,” expressed Singh.

“It was very endearing to see all the close friends, relatives and students of RM sir. I think his impact and inspiration is so strong that everyone associated with sir is like one big family and they will continue being that forever,” Kumaresh added.

The animator’s guild in India majorly consists of Mohan’s students and colleagues. Though he left all physically, his teachings and love still remain fresh in everyone’s heart and mind.