In conversation with Paul Louis and Ambrose Peter from 3D International..

null3D International along with ThreeD Holograms launched two new technological products ‘VisuZ™ CLD’ and ‘Intersoft3D’ 3D International along with ThreeD Holograms launched two new visual technological products at the press conference in Mumbai. The press conference was held at Grand Hyatt Santacruz on 18May’2012. The company launched a technology which can convert a 2D screen into a 3D screen with Viewers not having to wear those 3D glasses to view the same. With the introduction of these two products, ThreeD Holograms the official distribution partner for 3D International is poised to accelerate its market penetration as the leading hardware and software glasses free 3D solutions provider in the Indian marketplace. Using current processor generations, it showcases the power of delivering HD content not only with ease but also significant brilliance, thus creating a “wow” factor. null Commenting on the launch in India Mr. Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Manaf – Executive Chairman of 3D International  says “We are now seeing some increased traction with some large customers and prospects for the gaming industry worldwide. “Used in conjunction with our VisuZ™ Game Driver, the VisuZ™ CLD product line is the new standard for viewing movies and playing games in 3D effortlessly and we are extremely happy to be able to bring this technology to India”. Mr. Dayal Thakkar Managing Director ThreeD Holograms says “What began as a dream is now a reality, this is a complete solution that will make video games more fun with the real time 3D effects provided by the display and the supplied game drivers. The product provides a cost effective and easy to use solution that will make gaming consumers jump with joy in playing their favourite games in glasses free 3D”. null brings to you a conversation with Paul-Louis Meunier, Director International Sales{Europe} and Ambrose Peter Nari, Chief.Technology Officer, 3DI Int Sdn. Bhd. Can you give us a brief on both the products that 3D International along with ThreeD Holograms has launched today?

We have launched two products today.

VisuZ™ CLD – is a patent optical element that dramatically improves the brightness clarity and improved transition viewing angle of displayed 3D images-glasses free. Using a patent pending way of shaping light across glass 3D images are created through an optical element that the company we have developed. Chromatic light Deflector enables consistent high quality images over an extended time as it is able to absorb heat without changing its optical properties- unlike some competing plastic lenses. Now this is available for the first time in a detachable filter so that the user can switch between 2D and 3D by simply lifting the filter that is secure to the LCD/LED screens with a magnet. Intersoft3D -can be used as a product configurator. This product was developed by Dragonsoft research in association with 3D International. Intersoft3D enables a customer to experience a product on a Tablet PC thus enriching buying experience whilst making a purchase. The functionality of this product is based on an auto- stereoscopic display (40”, 21.5 or other sizes) with a user or a sales person standing in a defined distance using a touch terminal (e.g. Android tab) to manipulate the 3D model on 3D display. Further we have categorized the products in 3 parts, first are for gaming, second for 3D photo viewer- to view 3D images and third is for 3D movies where you can watch real time 3D movies without 3D glasses with just Blueray Cd’s. How did you come up with idea of creating the new 3Dtechnology?

As we knew there were no good technologies come up in last century in the visual space we wanted our consumers to enjoy the 3D technology and overcome the old basic technology and hence we came up with the idea of creating a user friendly detachable filter (screen) so that ‘n’ number of people could watch 3D technology at the same time without the help of glasses and with homely atmosphere. The CLD-Chromatic Light Deflector development was done to raise the existing default 3D technology into a new phase of improved versions and features.

Can you please elaborate more on the detachable filter sizes and availability?

We have developed three sizes of the filter so far, one of 21.5inch, one of 23inch and one of 27inch which is the largest size available so far. But we even have a client in Japan with the request of developing 60 inch filter, which is under development. Talking about the plans of developing filters for theatrical use, we still have many more stages to reach that platform. The filters can be attached to any brands of monitor just keeping the sizes in mind.

Why do you call the detachable filters user friendly? Comment

The detachable filters are made up of Safety Glass (Security Glass). We call it very user friendly as it can be easily cleaned and attached to the monitors. There is no need to call a special technical person, anyone can attach it. If someone drops the filters, it wouldn’t get shattered.

Who were the key people involved in the development of the product? And how much time did it take to develop the product?

It was a Collective  team effort of 3Di to develop the product. Development process was started since August 2011 and launched in 2012 May, India. Even though the technology was in our mind since last 5 years, we wanted it to be the best and hence we took last one year from 2011-2012 to improvise it with latest features and versions.

What was the most difficult challenge faced during the development of the product?

The most challenging task was to fulfil the consumer requirement. As there has been alot of technologies in the market with good qualities and bad at the same time, we wanted to make it the best. We wanted a combination of latest and best technology. We wanted it to be user friendly as well as technology expert.

What was the main reason behind launching these products in India specifically?

We have launched these filters in Japan some time back, after that our next destination was India. We targeted India mainly due to its youth. The current generation in India is active, vivid and enthusiastic to grasp the entertainment power to the fullest.

What are your future plans?

Well, they are huge; we want 3D technology to spread across the world. As technology is evolving in every phase of life, we wanted our audience to experience a new era of 3D technology. We hope to create such advancements and provide much more luxury to life.