VFX Hoggy Animator’s Cup - a competition where all animators win -

Hoggy Animator’s Cup – a competition where all animators win

Hoggy is a content monetization platform for content creators in kids space. Founded by IITians with a vision to make kids’ screen time productive, Hoggy smartly converts any video for kids into educational and interactive videos.

After partnering up with some of world’s most renowned studios like Cosmos Maya, Toonz Media Group, MotherGoose Club and KizCastle, Hoggy is now one of the fastest growing Kids App in India and is backed by esteemed investors like Samir Pitalwalla and Kunal Shah.

Hoggy has now also launched their first animation competition – The Hoggy Animator’s Cup, where every participant gets an opportunity to monetize through their entries. This competition is for all animators- aspiring and established, to not just win cash prizes up to $2000, but also get recognition for their work on a wider level. Hoggy offers each participant free one-year access to all the seminars and webinars hosted by Hoggy on topics of animation and internship opportunities to best entries in the student category.

The judges of this competition are highly renowned names from the animation industry and have generously offered to share critiques on some of the best work submitted. The esteemed jury includes the Senapati of Vanersena Studios Vivek Ram, animation and VFX expert and the man who has worked with Cadbury, Apollo steels, Domex, Harley Davidson, and a couple of other big names, Vaibhav More, animated filmmaker and founder-director of Vaibhav Films Vaibhav Kumaresh, Embibe SVP Priti Karandikar and the founder-director of Hoggy, Kishlay Kishore. 

With the spike in growth of the animation industry and exponential growth of the creator economy, it’s amazing how the founders of Hoggy managed to bridge in and are on a path to change the way children enjoy their time with their favourite cartoon characters.

To know more, visit the website: Hoggy Animator’s Cup