Vaibhav More Films delivers seamless VFX for the latest APL Apollo ad campaign starring Tiger Shroff

The recently released advertising campaign of APL Apollo of its steel, pipes and water tank presents some on screen extravaganza with Bollywood heartthrob Tiger Shroff who can be observed fighting the goons, shattering a door into pieces, saving a falling cup filled with tea and fighting a huge swarm of slimy germs. For Vaibhav More, founder and director of Vaibhav More Films, working with the young actor was an enthralling experience, particularly in this action-oriented commercial, his first association with APL Apollo.

AnimationXpress caught up with the animation and VFX expert, to delve deep into the making of the visually-stunning ad film. He revealed that his studio was approached by Fullmoon Productions for the Apollo steel, pipes and water tank campaign. More who has worked with brands like Cadbury, Harley Davidson and Domex spoke at length and shared the making of the Apollo commercial.

“The live-action part was directed by Siddhart Anand and Vaibhav More Films was responsible for the entire look and feel, animation and VFX. Each script was different, exciting and challenging in its own way,” More said.

All the three films were action-oriented and the studio was briefed that Tiger Shroff is going to be the new brand face for APL Apollo. Based on the creative inputs, More made sure that ‘the brand and Tiger look good in each frame’.

Speaking about the challenges that the team faced, he mentioned, “There were a lot of camera moves and speed cuts in the edit. So the number of shots was quite a lot to deal with. Almost everything was shot on green screen. Entire environment creation and compositing was a big task.”

Watch the use of green screens here: 

The entire 40 days schedule was super crunched and they had to put in lots of extra hours to pull this job. It is a collaborative effort of 20 VFX artists from different places. He mentioned that the core team had Rohan Bhalerao, Pravin Badiger, Nitin Patil, Nachiket Gogia and team, Shubham Sutar, Satendra and others.

In the film for Apollo Pipes, Tiger is seen fighting with creepy crawling germs that invade the households where there are cracks in the pipes, where he replaces them with Apollo Pipes as they are totally safe and won’t crack under pressure. This fight sequence is shot against a green screen.

You can watch the making here:

Revealing the animation techniques and software used for this commercial, More said, “We do everything in open source software. Rotoscopy job was outsourced to two different teams. Asset creation, lighting, texturing, and animation were entirely done in Blender. Blender is one of the most amazing and powerful software to work with. I am a firm supporter of open source culture.”

 “Tiger Shroff is a very talented and hard working person. It was a good experience to work with him,” More signed off.