Ghost Animation has its bag full with international awards and selections

Team members of Ghost Animation

Ghost Animation has been pretty consistent in adding new feathers to its cap. The members of the Kolkata based studio are making their presence felt with new achievements almost every day. 

The studio garnered huge appreciation in the Indian and International animation space with its important climatic dystopia, Wade, which has lately achieved a milestone of 75th official selection and is currently playing at Bogo Shorts Festival in Colombia. It also won the Grand Prize at Festival de Animacion Ajayu 2020 in Peru. Director duo, Kalp Sanghvi and Upamanyu Bhattacharyya took to their social media handles to announce the news. “We thank the festival organisers, Jury and everyone who has been a part of the journey,” they wrote. 

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Sanghvi additionally told Animation Xpress, “We have had 76 selections so far, but haven’t been able to announce all of them because of festival protocols.” Wade‘s marketing campaign has been a specific and well crafted one. Their separate promotional page, consistent posts about the film, articles, and other interviews have made it useful for the film in achieving most out of the biggest of festivals. Wade also gained a prestigious mention at ‘Best of Annecy’ programme curated by the Annecy Film Festival.

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Besides Wade, Shaheen Sheriff’s Watchmaker at Time’s End was playing in Denmark at Copenhagen Underground Film Festival, at his birthplace Qatar – at Doha Film Institute and Ajyal Film Festival lately. It also received an official selection at Linea d’Ombra festival in VedoAnimato 2020. Now it is travelling to Japan as an official selection at New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival for the international showcase.  

“It’s been a very good experience getting into more festivals in different countries. Especially during the Q&A sessions and interviews, you get to hear how wildly different interpretations people think of. One person felt it was about how the world and climate is changing, another person thought it’s about what happens underneath the shiny exterior of Kerala. These are the thoughts that never crossed my mind but are very insightful to hear. I’m enriched by these experiences,” commented he. 

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Apart from Watchmaker at Time’s End, Gaurav Wakankar’s animated short Mother, has very recently bagged the Jury special mention award at OnTheScreen MovieValley international Film Festival, where the jury consisted of students of National filmmaking University. 

He added, “I’m happy that because of these festivals so many people got to and are getting to watch my film. I made Mother with a full heart and my efforts have been pretty straightforward. In my case, the festival run has been pretty easy, as I only submitted to festivals that would let me enter unlike other projects such as Wade.”

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It’s just the beginning for Ghost as we feel they have got a long way to go!