Fountain Pixels creates 2D TVC for Rabbit Stationery

nullAnimation certainly strikes the right chord with kids, hence a lot of brands are opting for animated TV commercials to reach out and connect with young ones.

One such brand is Rabbit Stationery for whom an animated TVC in Hindi has been created by Pune based Fountain Pixels.

Aired on ETV and local cable channels, the 30 second 2D Ad was created by a team of five artists working over a period of ten days. Through the TVC, Fountain Pixels had to showcase Rabbit Stationery‘s main products such as pencils, crayons, erasers and the like and all the while hammering the brand in the minds of the audience.

Speaking to Animation about the challenges that were faced while developing the ad, Fountain Pixels‘ MD Rahul Gadiya shared, “As it was our first TVC we had to put in some efforts to work on the basic of broadcast technologies. We also had to conceptualize and plan the advert accurately so that it fitted in the 30 sec meter. So in short we had a major challenge in terms of duration & the message to be communicated in the particular time.”

In the Rabbit Stationery TVC a boy is seen participating in a drawing competition set against the background of a park. While making the drawing his crayon breaks and he gets upset and is tense for the fear od losing the competition.

He prays to God (Hanuman) to help him. To answer his prayerds, Bal Hanuman appears and blesses the kid. Bal Hanuman gets �Rabbit�, the mascot and portrays him as a Super Hero. The �Rabbit� gives the kids stationery (pencil, crayons, erasers etc).

The kid grabs them and starts drawing with them. He succeeds in finishing the drawing within time and also wins the first prize. In the end after winning the 1st prize, the kid thanks the Rabbit and promises to be his true friend for life.

In addition to the animation, the studio also composed a catchy jingle with simple lyrics.

Rahul concluded by saying, “It was a wonderful experience to work on an animated TVC and we realized the kind of effort which goes into making such advertisements as the planning & story boarding needs to be absolutely perfect as we have limited seconds available on air and within that time span we need to properly and effectively communicate the message. We realized the difference between making a 30 minute animated film and a 30 second TVC. A 30 second TVC needs micro-level planning as compared to a 30 minute animated short film. After this wonderful experience, we hope to work on more such projects in the future”

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