Former sound designer reveals unseen side of Stan Lee in an animated video

Stan Lee

It has been two years since the comic industry’s legend Stan Lee passed away but the void he created is irreparable. His works continue to inspire a generation of Marvel fans and movie-goers who are enthralled by the adventures of the Avengers and more. He is often remembered for his boundless creativity, kindness and steadfast moral compass. 

One of his associates, Aron Fromm, a sound engineer, released an animated video featuring Lee which Fromm describes as “a real recording, from one of my favourite memories of the old man.” It is an animated recreation of one studio session where Lee hilariously went off on a long profane rant.

In the clip, Lee does not shy away from speaking his mind and also goes on to be crass. The almost two-minute video finds Fromm describing Lee as “the best” and reminiscing the nine years that they worked together. In the recording, Lee explains, “it seems to me that so-called ‘dirty word’ is probably the most useful word in the English language – F**K. It could be a verb. It could be a noun. It could be anything.” What follows is Lee dropping colourful “F”-bombs describing all its different grammatical uses while others burst into laughter.