Five reasons why Hotstar Specials ‘The Legend of Hanuman’ is a must watch

The Legend of Hanuman (Image shared exclusively with Animation Xpress)

Disney+ Hotstar VIP launched a brand new animated series bringing the unseen story of Mahabali Hanuman in Hotstar Specials The Legend of Hanuman

Produced by Graphic India, the makers of Baahubali animated series, The Legend of Hanuman is now streaming exclusively on the platform and is available to Disney+ Hotstar VIP and Disney+ Hotstar Premium subscribers. 

From burning down Lanka to slaying demons, Mahabali Hanuman is worshipped and admired by billions across the world but not many are aware of his extraordinary journey of self discovery. 

(Image shared exclusively with Animation Xpress)

Hotstar Specials brings alive the unseen tale of the mighty warrior in the series narrated by Sharad Kelkar. The Legend of Hanuman is created by Sharad Devarajan, Jeevan J. Kang and Charuvi P. Singhal, and the 13-episode mythological animation series chronicles the perpetual war between the forces of good and evil; and how the immortal Hanuman became the ever-burning beacon of hope amidst the harrowing darkness. 

A visually mesmerizing portrayal of an epic saga, here are a few reasons why animation and mythological lovers shouldn’t give it a miss.

Untold stories about Lord Hanuman

For hundreds of years, tales of Lord Hanuman’s ardent devotion, phenomenal courage and mighty strength have been told through various mediums, and loved by people across generations. However, “not many know of Mahabali Hanuman’s own inspiring story of self-discovery. The animated series presents that saga of a humble ‘vaanara’ who discovered God within after forgetting about his divinity,” Devrajan told us during an interview. 

(Image shared exclusively with Animation Xpress)

Never seen before avatar of the Mahabali 

We’ve seen numerous portrayals of Lord Hanuman from his younger days to his older ones in books, movies and series. But none have been like the creation in The Legend of Hanuman. “The final depiction decided after designing over 100 different sketches, perfectly captures the younger days of the Mahabali Hanuman when he was a fearless warrior ready to take on any challenge and the struggles he went through inside himself,” the co-creator revealed. 

“Lord Hanuman has been a very inspiring figure to me since he was a subject for my animated short film eight years ago and even now it is so fascinating to come across an incredible amount of wealth of stories about him… [and] to see our end goal materialise [into a] fabulous never before seen Indian animated tv show was great,” Singhal told Yugandhara Shete from Animation Xpress.

(Image shared exclusively with Animation Xpress)

Immersive 3D universe of Lord Hanuman 

The animation series makes the audience delve deeper into the world of Lord Hanuman through an immersive 3D experience and witness his life of a warrior in a grand-scale previously never seen before in India, using highest quality animation. “Right from his birth place of Kishkindha, a vast world that includes characters, demons, lost cities, cultures and forest, the design has been developed to give audiences a first-of-its-kind experience,” the creative team shared.

Easy to understand language

The creators of The Legend of Hanuman ensured that the show was accessible to audiences across age groups and demographics. Hence, the script was penned keeping those points in mind that retains the essence and ethos of the mythology and the character, yet making it conversational in order to connect better with today’s audiences. All 13 episodes of the show are now available in seven languages – Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Malayalam and Kannada.

(Image shared exclusively with Animation Xpress)

Powerful soundtracks

Enhancing high-quality visuals and the gripping narrative, the series is beautifully aided with a range of powerful and captivating soundtracks that leaves an impact on the audience irrespective of age group. The title track is composed by Kaala Bhairava who rose to fame with Baahubali with Manoj Muntashir Shukla writing the magnificent lyrics, performed by Bhairava and Divya Kumar.