VFX FICCI FRAMES 2011- China - India: Connecting Our Creative Industries -

FICCI FRAMES 2011- China – India: Connecting Our Creative Industries


From L to R – Brendan Harkin, Charles Wang, Johnchill Lee, Qi Yong Feng, Yang Jun, Jeff Wu & Ashish Kulkarni

2/5 of the world population resides in India and China and hence there lies huge potential in bringing these markets together. The same was discussed at China- India Connecting Our Creative Industries session at FICCI Frames 2011 DAY 1.

The session was moderated by X|Media|Lab‘s Founder, Brendan Harkin and panelists included Professor Qi Yong Feng, Senior researcher of NDRC (State Development and Reform Commission), Deputy Director, Creative Industries Research Institute, Communications, University of China; Johnchill Lee, Executive Director, ASIFA (Association of International Film of Animation), Secretary General, ASIFA CHINA and Deputy Secretary General, China Animation Association; Professor Yang Jun, Vice Director, Culture and Finance Research Centre, Institute for Cultural Industries (ICI), Peking University; Jeff Wu, Executive Vice President and Chief Globalization Officer, Vance Info Professor Charles Wang Chuishui, Television and Movie technology department of Beijing Film Academy and Ashish Kulkarni, CEO, Big Animation.

All the panelists shared the various opportunities that India and China can tap on together in this Creative Industry. Both countries have a huge market and talent pool with great ideas and both have stepped into the digital industry through outsourcing.

Johnchill Lee said, “Indian Animation is more International and modern and hence we are here and looking for partners to work together”. Charles Wang shared that he is working on a Film Making System Based on Next Generation Computer Architecture and would love to explore working with India.

Yong Feng who came to India to learn Buddhism developed curiosity for the Indian Culture. He feels that development in India and China is moving fast from Economical and Political point of view. His university is working with various Asian and European academies and he is looking to work with more academies in India. Ashish Kulkarni spoke on how India needs to get into a treaty with China and work together on various animation projects for both the markets.

This session marked the beginning of a long term and important task of assessing the possibilities of mutually beneficial opportunities, cooperation and understanding. Most importantly this session offered a chance to make personal acquaintances with Chinese stalwarts of the creative industry.