Exclusive: ‘Punyakoti’ wins Best Animation at American Golden Picture International Film Festival

Puppetica Media’s Punyakoti bags yet another award at American Golden Picture International Film Festival for ‘Best Animated Long’, AnimationXpress learns from director Ravishankar Venkateswaran. 

Thrilled by the win, Venkateswaran told us, “This was unexpected for all of us. Winning at an international film festival is a big thing for a Sanskrit animated movie that was made with a tight budget. I think Punyakoti is probably the most awarded animation film this year. This is a recognition that proves that even without a large backup, if animators can come together, we can make and present a great Indian story. I urge more and more animators to form teams and try their idea out.”

Ravi Shankar

Punyakoti has come a long way since winning its first official recognition and awards at AnimationXpress’ Ann Awards in 2019. After that, the morally strong film with deep-rooted values and wide cultural sentiment has been a forerunner in many cases. It crossed the barriers of language and borders of the country to prove once again that cinema is language agnostic. 

The film will also have a sequel as Venkateswaran informed us and is slated to release this year itself. However, given the devastating COVID scenario in the country, we only hope that films like Punyakoti arrive soon to induce faith and hope in humankind. Punyakoti is available on Netflix and Book My Show’s streaming service.