Envision developing shows for Broadcast

Mumbai based 2D animation studio, Envision Creations has a lot up its sleeve. Established in January ’05 and currently a 12 member strong creative team, the studio has recently completed a 50 minute animated mythological home video feature Bal Krishna. Additionally Envision is also working on the development of two in-house 2D projects, Mr. Lucas and Family and Circus Maximus for the broadcast space. Speaking to Animation Xpress.com, Envision Creations Ankit Shah shared, “At envisions we are committed to building our business model on original content creation. We have begun by doing a flash animated feature for home video and are also working on developing our properties for broadcast. These include Circus Maximus the pilot episode for which is almost ready and Mr Lucas and Family which is currently in the pre production stage and pilot production to begin next month” Circus Maximus is a series of 26 episodes targeted at children between the age group of 4-8, with each episode being 11 minutes long. The show revolves around the excitement and intrigue related with The Circus. The studio’s attempt is to capture the audience’s attention to recreate the magic of Circus through the wonderful medium of animation. The story revolves around the Trainee Doda & all the animals in the circus. Doda wants all his shows to be successful, but every time due to (un)avoidable circumstances, it fails. “For Circus Maximus, We have tried to capture the situational antics and the subsequent hilarious moments on the lines of the legendary “Tom & Jerry” series. The reason for choosing flash as our medium is because its time saving.” Remarked Ankit. Mr. Lucas & Family is a series of 7 minute long 26 episodes with underlying moral messages targeted at age groups 4-12. The series is about a Kangaroo family which stays in the jungle amongst its own society and peculiar lifestyle. Lucas, being a pilot is very punctual and because of his obsession with punctuality & time calculation his wife is fed up. Their daughter is very fond of make up, a typical wannabe and always ends up in a lot of trouble. Lucas’s son is very notorious and being untidy is a nuisance to everyone. In every episode situations are created which the kids can associate themselves with and possible solutions are given to overcome those problems and mistakes. The plot is given variety with different characters to incorporate different type of people in the living world. “With Mr. Lucas & Family we had decided to do something different. We then planned the entire process before beginning the animation. We have incorporated the style of passing lesson/moral to children, through the art of story telling, an idea well missed in the present Indian market,” he remarked. In a market scenario where mythology rules the roost, the kind of storylines and characterization that Envisions has opted to develop clearly hint at the kind of markets that the studio is preparing its shows for. “As regards the selection of theme/ storyline for our IP, we have consciously decided to opt for subjects that are universal and can crossover with ease. The plan is to get into the home broadcast space but eventually we are looking at the International Broadcast scenario too as that is where the business really lies” Way to go!