VFX DDEG's Saturday Animation Studio working on ‘Aiko and the Masters of Time’ to participate in MIPJunior -

DDEG’s Saturday Animation Studio working on ‘Aiko and the Masters of Time’ to participate in MIPJunior

Saturday Animation Studio, a subsidiary of six times Emmy winning organisation Digital Dimension Entertainment Group announced that they are developing their second original children’s UHD-CGI animated series, Aiko and the Masters of Time. The series will also be introduced to international buyers at this year’s MIPJunior market, along with Saturday Animation Studio’s first announced IP, Chase and Catch.

Aiko and the Masters of Time is a 10 x 22’ serialized sci-fi action adventure for children above seven years. It is produced utilizing DDEG’s proprietary real-time pipeline based on Epic Games’ Unreal Engine. The series is co-created and co-developed by Guy Harvey, André Lavoie, Aaron Simpson, Fred Faubert, and Louis-Simon Ménard.

The story is set in an age after linear time has collapsed, and then reassembled as one combined era resulting in Samurai, Cowboys, Knights, African Warriors and Stone Age Scavengers now living together in one Mega-City. Two star-crossed teens from different factions, Aiko and Wyatt, are caught in a life and death race with powerful forces who are intent on upending this fragile, blended existence for their own dark purposes.

“Kids around the world will be rooting for our heroes Aiko and Wyatt in this mind-bending, thought-provoking, high-concept series that will deliver on all cylinders—action, adventure, and sci-fi. Our real-time animation pipeline powered by Epic Game’s Unreal Engine, for which we have received prestigious grants, will allow us to bring the entire universe and characters to life across multiple dimensions, DDEG CCO and showrunner Fred Faubert said. 

Cookbook Media, which serves as Saturday Animation Studio’s global franchise management agency, will develop and implement a global distribution strategy for Aiko and the Masters of Time to include content, consumer products, publishing, and digital activations. This agency will also present it at MIPJunior market 2021.