CN’s SNAPTOONS to fund ten pilot episodes

India’s most popular kids’ entertainment channel, Cartoon Network recently launched SNAPTOONS, a search for next generation cartoon heroes across Asia Pacific. SNAPTOONS which stands for Short New Asia Pacific Cartoons is an inititative taken by Cartoon Network to promote original content. Speaking about the initiative Ian Diamond, Senior VP and GM, Turner Entertainment Networks Asia, shared at the occasion, “As leaders in kids’ entertainment we feel that it is but natural also that we should in return think about propagating and developing original content in India and help get Indian animation its rightful place. This initiative is on our part an endeavor to help and nurture the animation industry.” The project SNAPTOONS is aimed towards finding fresh animated features and series. As part of the initiative ten scripts will be made into pilot episodes of 7 to ten minutes which would be premiered on Cartoon Network across Asia Pacific. Speaking about what the project is about, Arnab Chaudhuri, Creative Director, Turner Entertainment Networks Asia said, “We are looking for characters, creators and give them due respect and a platform to showcase their talents, characters that really exist and become a part of the lives of the people which are loved by all. We are looking for the next generation of cartoons which are fun, funny and fearless, something like Tom and Jerry of yesteryears which are still immensely popular. Through SNAPTOONS we hope to create a relationship between writers and animators, basically creating a relationship with local talent.” The initiative kickstarted on 16 October ’06 and last date for entries is 31 December ’06 with the main criteria for participation being that all entries should have ‘global legs.’ There are no specifications laid down for participation and anyone with a drive and passion for animation can be a part of this project.

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