Asifa Jury chooses “Krishna aur Kans” as their favorite film

“Krishna aur Kans” has won the prestigious Asifa “Special Jury Award” in the best animation and special effects film category. The film is produced by Reliance Animation and directed by Vikram Veturi. “Krishna aur Kans” as the first stereoscopic animated feature film in India released in August this year has already won rave reviews due to its amazing animation quality and excellent storytelling. The film is also the first true family entertainer among Indian animated feature films. Just the way regular audience loved it, even the celebrities and stalwarts of Indian cinema shared their feelings about the film. Rajkumar Hirani talking about “Krishna aur Kans” said “When I saw the film, I got completely engrossed. If a film grabs your attention in the first two minuets, normally such films turn out to be an interesting viewing experience. When I started watching “Krishna aur Kans”, the very beginning itself with its visual treatment made me feel that this film will surely reach somewhere. And it indeed turned out to be so. It dramatically engaged me, the animation was very good, the background music was excellent, Shantanu and Swanand’s creation of the songs were melodious. Overall the way it’s animated, it seems perfect for this film. It was a very satisfying experience watching “Krishna aur Kans” and I will recommend you all to watch it.” Govind Nihalni  expressed his excitement about the film by saying “Krishna aur Kans” is a very rich film from every perspective. It’s visually rich, extremely aesthetic, the characters are brilliant, the voice acting is excellent and the language is truly pleasing to the ears. I found the direction of the film to be really inventive. The sequences, scene plotting, thematic execution, visuals were quiet exquisitely directed. Specially the background music supported the film really well.” The award is indeed well earned for Ashish SK, CEO Reliance Animation and the Executive Producer of the film. Ashish while expressing his reaction said “This award belongs to every member of the 1200 artists who have painstakingly worked on the project over the last five and half years and also to the research team who had put together an incredible four years to get every aspect of the content authentic. We tried to create a point of reference and also a benchmark for Indian animation, a quality parameter that will give Indian animated content a respectable position in global perspective. We are glad that our efforts have been recognized. This is an extremely prestigious award for us and we hope to continue the good work”. Sudha Murty expressing her reaction about the film said “Though all of us in India know Krishna and Kans story, still we would like to see it every time with the same enthusiasm.  This is because it depends upon the person who directs and works on it.  I liked this movie a lot because of the effort Ashish and his team has put in and the effect is phenomenal.” “Krishna aur Kans” is indeed a visual and storytelling spectacle to be savored by entire family. The audio and DVD of the film is already released across the country.