Team Maya celebrates the success of Sons of Ram: Heroes will rise

nullMaya Digital studios, the company that pioneered the art & technology of animation & visual effects in India in the 1990s, and established a strong footing in the international markets, is aggressively setting up its international quality benchmarks with its Indian product offerings. After the debut of their maiden 3D Animation series Motu Patlu on Nickelodeon last month, team Maya offered Amar Chitra Katha’s Sons of Ram in 3D, which released across theatres last week.
The Team at Maya behind Sons of Ram 3D (Left to right): Gurneet Singh (Assistant Manager - Distribution), Sayed Sher Abbas (Line Producer), Dinesh Sehgal (Head - Digital Visual Effects Department), Hemant Shinde (Stereo Supervisor & Compositing HOD), Ram Dhumne (S3D Head & CG/VFX – Compositing Supervisor) & Srikant Vyavahare (Stereoscopy Lead)
While the film has taken a flying start at the box-office and has managed to impress everyone with its story-telling, team Maya is celebrating the success of its first ever stereoscopic 3D animated film. Speaking on the occasion; Ketan Mehta, Chairman & Managing Director – Maya Digital Studios said, “3D is the future of entertainment and we at Maya are extremely thrilled to bring India’s first animated 2D to 3D converted film SONS OF RAM, for the Indian audiences. It is a spectacular film with world-class 3D effects and comes from the house of the legendary Amar Chitra Katha. We are glad that the audiences are enjoying the film.” Adding further with regards to the stereoscopic 3D conversion work on the film that Maya has done, Ram Dhumne the S3D Head & CG/VFX – Compositing Supervisor from Maya said, “The original 2D animated film that Amar Chitra Katha provided us was visually stunning and extremely engaging. Our challenge as a stereoscopic 3D conversion studio was to take this film to the next level and create a stereoscopic 3D experience that will not only make the already enjoyable film more fun to watch but also with the interactivity that stereo 3D provides, we want this film to be the Diwali treat for kids”. The film has received rave reviews across the board and everyone has lauded the stereoscopic 3D content of the film and the visual effects that the film has. Given the fact that the film is based on an untold story from the Indian mythology, there has already been quite a buzz around it. Thus, the visual effects and stereoscopic 3D aspects of the film are critical elements of the plot since they add to the visual beauty of the film and take the story to an altogether new level. Adds Dinesh Sehgal, Head of the Digital Visual Effects department at Maya, “Whichever project we at Maya set our foot in, we make sure we add immense value to the original project. In case of Sons of Ram, given the fact that the film had a premise based in the Indian mythology, we could play around a lot with the visual effects. The colour palette of the film is extremely soothing to the eye and hence the effects too had to be added accordingly. Without being too flashy, the effects had to be very impactful. That impact with the subtlety intact is the beauty of the visual effects in this film and I hope the audiences enjoy it too”. Maya Digital Studios is known world over for its quality conscious approach towards production and out here too, Maya has left no stone unturned in making Sons of Ram one of the best stereoscopic 3D animated film from India. Says Ram Dhumne, “This is Maya’s first Stereo 3D film after Sholay, and the first animated film to be converted into Stereo 3D. Our internal benchmark in terms of quality was Beauty & The Beast and thereby we had to make sure the final film looks nothing but perfect”. Maya has also given the film an extremely wide release across the country, with screen counts that are typically not followed for animated films. Said a source from the distribution team, “We at Maya; believe in this content, and have given it the best possible distribution platform”. Sons of Ram 3D is running successfully in 3D as well as 2D in cinemas across the country.