Naughty Paa Ji, a webcomic series by Chandra Shekhar Banerjee

Naughty Paa Ji is a 16 page, webcomic written by Chandra Shekhar Banerjee. Launched at Mumbai Film and Comics Convention last month, this web comic revolves around the story of a Naughty Paa Ji, a Good Samaritan Sikh Gentleman in his Mid 30’s, who is the main protagonist in this web comic  This Sikh Gentleman is a medium built man, but with a lot of guts and is brave enough to take up any challenge. He is one of the popular guys, who is sought after by people of all ages and loved by kids and is adored by all because he uses his wits and very intelligently defeats his enemies. Also, he fights the bad guys and helps people in need, victims of injustice or the helpless in trouble. is an infotainment (information + entertainment) website that has been developed with the idea of spreading awareness amongst all age groups about the various rights that you are eligible for being a citizen of a great country like India. It is an effort to help realize your potential that has been granted to you by the constitution of India to fight back amidst rampant and growing malpractice and Corruption from across various quarters, while you go to seek what rightfully belongs to you i.e. your fundamental right. Speaking to’s Zeenia Boatwala about the key thinking behind launching Naughty Paa Ji, Chandra Shekhar Banerjee, says, “I had always been inclined towards literary activities right from school and through my college days. I was an ardent fan of comic’s right from my childhood, and used to read any comic that I could lay my hands on. Few viz. Tintin, Phantom, Mandrake the Magician, Chacha Choudhary, Motu Patlu,” etc. Adds further, “Most of the people we interact including you or me are not aware of our rights, and I felt that creating this webcomic shall be helpful to the citizens. I also felt that the textual information might be boring for children and hence giving information through the medium of comics shall help children to understand fundamental right much better in the form of stories. We all need to be aware what rightfully belongs to us – our fundamental rights.” It has taken almost a year to complete Naughty Paa Ji and it is illustrated by Harrsha Bohra of Global Animationz. Chandrasekhar’s main goal behind creating Naughty Paa Ji is to help fellow citizens, NRI’s, who can find this website  helpful and informative amidst growing corruption and malpractices at different quarters which has plagued the country and its citizens. This webcomic website also offers a free service titled ‘Ask a Lawyer’ by which citizens can put up their particular issues to Adv. Mrs. Sonali Ray and get solutions. Any questions pertaining to the rights can be discussed with the lawyer on this platform. Sharing more, Chandra Shekhar, says, “This was absolutely a new domain for me, as I had no prior experience, then this subject required legal information and thus finding a lawyer with good writing skills was the next challenge.” For researching on Naughty Paa Ji, Chandra Shekhar took interviews of a few people and found that this is a subject that most of the people are not aware of. Chandra Shekhar informs, “If I ask you, what is RTI? People tell that it is Right to Information. Then my next question follows, what do you know about RTI, and that is where a silence creeps in.” The upcoming webcomic of Naughty Paaji will see the story of Subbu the Lawyer and Inspector Patel supporting Naughty Paaji. At present Naughty Paa Ji is free for all the viewers in the webcomic format and it will soon be available as a mobile app too as well as assorted merchandise of Naughty Paa Ji is on the cards. You can visit the official Facebook page of Naughty Paa Ji by logging on to: