1500 WGA members signed a pledge to fight for guild coverage of animation work

About 1500 WGA screenwriters, showrunners, TV and streaming writers have signed a pledge stating that they are “committed to fight for WGA coverage for all animation projects we create, write or produce moving forward. We want to be treated equal to live-action writers, not less than.”

According to Deadline reports, J.J.Abrams, Seth MacFarlane, Chuck Lorre, Amy Poehler and Mike Schur are among the signers.

WGA West’s board of directors has created an Animation Writers Organizing Committee, made up of established animation writers in screen, television and streaming. Co-chaired by Mike Scully, former showrunner for The Simpsons and former WGA West presidents David A. Goodman and Patric Verrone, the committee says it “stands ready to work with any animation writer committed to getting a Guild contract for their project or writing staff.”

The AWOC said, “Whether writing for live action or animation, WGA members deserve a WGA deal. Unlike live action, however, Guild coverage for animation is not guaranteed by the Minimum Basic Agreement, so writers must demand it. Over the years, writers have successfully fought for and won coverage for numerous animation projects.”

The pledge said, “A WGA contract ensures that writers receive residuals, higher compensation, and essential health and pension benefits including paid parental leave. We along with our fellow writers must have the protections and security that come with WGA coverage.”

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