‘Delicious in Dungeon’ manga to get anime adaptation

An anime adaptation of Ryoku Kui’s popular manga Delicious in Dungeon has been announced, along with an official website and Twitter account.

The new series will adapt the manga’s story, in which an RPG-style team of dungeon-crawling adventurers aim to make their latest expedition as cheap and efficient as possible, forgoing supplies and doing everything they can to turn the creatures they fight into edible delicacies. The series also includes detailed recipes for each of the protagonists’ opponents.

The anime’s premiere date is yet to be confirmed, however, there is a stunning piece of art depicting the main characters gathering around a meal while being stalked by creatures in the darkness.

Studio Trigger, known for Kill la Kill, Promare, and the upcoming Cyberpunk Edgerunners, will produce the anime. Previously, Studio Trigger created an anime-style commercial for the manga’s eighth volume, which sparked a lot of enthusiasm from fans in seeing a full adaptation.

Delicious in Dungeon manga/Dungeon Meshi was released in February 2014, and by August 2017, the first four volumes had sold over two million copies. The manga was ranked first for male readers in 2016.

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