July 22-2017
Bangalore based animation institute MAAC Banashankari conducts traffic awareness program

The count of road mishaps and misadventures happening in our country is increasing at an alarming rate. In fact, India ranks behind only China in terms of deaths due to road accidents. So in the events of such crisis, spreading traffic awareness is imperative. And that’s exactly what the students of MAAC (Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics) Banashankari did.

In an event conducted by the animation institute of Bangalore, the students along with the management team campaigned about the importance of adhering to the traffic rules. Cardboard cut-outs sketched with traffic rules and thought provoking lines were held out by them in a commendable attempt to spread awareness to the commuters.

MAAC center head Chaitra S, senior senior counsellor Archana N, senior 3D  instructor Ramnik Verma and RSM from MAAC HO Navneet Sinha were the members of the management team to lend a helping hand to the ambitious students of MAAC.

In an era where fuel is at a premium but the consumption is seamless and the issue of fuel conservation is also cardinal. And MAAC made it sure that people are reminded of it as well because slogans emphasising the importance of fuel were also penned on the banners.

The MAAC team also conveyed the message apparently to a few teenagers highlighting the importance of wearing a helmet whilst riding a bike and adhering to the traffic.

The event was conducted on 15 July 2017, spanning five hours from 11 am till 4 am. It was met with rave responses as people appreciated the efforts put in by students. MAAC Banashankari too were applauded for organising the campaign, a move which was truly led by an example for all else to follow.

Similar, campaigns in various other places where road calamities are at a prominence would go a long way in deterring the same.