Indie duo from SidKing Games turn to a puzzler for their second title

After Wings Land Adventure, the Indie duo of Siddhesh Sudesh Berde and Kishor Sudesh Berde from SidKing games have turned their attention to a puzzler. “Twins” is a minimal puzzle game which is apparently based on the “brotherhood” between two little cubes. They always move together in the same direction. Unfortunately, one of them gets stuck in the reverse dark world. One has to play as another cube and help your brother to escape from the dark rooms. In the reverse world, movements are reversed and challenges are galore. Collect all stars and key, find and solve tricky paths, watch out for obstacles and escape the rooms within time. The game features 40 handcrafted minimal levels and an original music score with a pretty clean and lucid UI and is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese(Simplified), Japanese, Korean, Portuguese(Brazil), Malay and Russian.
3D Touch According to the developers, “We love new technologies from Apple and we always try to use them in our games! In this game we have used 3D Touch Home Screen Quick Actions. It helps a player in knowing how many stars they have earned, launching an active room, knowing required stars to unlock the next set of rooms and to know the overall status of the game. There are six achievements to unlock and each of them gives a valuable message to players about, yes, ‘brotherhood.