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India’s Bhasinsoft and Japan’s QMAX to launch the beta version of its fantasy RPG game ’99Dragons’
5:00 pm PDT 14/11/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

Recently a division of Bhasinsoft India, Bhasin Studios announced its tie-up with Fantastic Films International (FFI), for a multi-picture worldwide distribution and co-production deal and now it seems like there’s one more good news flowing in at the Bengaluru based animation and gaming Bhasinsoft studio. It announced that QMAX, a gaming studio from Japan and Bhasinsoft are set to launch 99Dragons – a fantasy RPG game. The beta version of the game is expected to open tomorrow and prior to … Read More

NGDC 2016 Day 3: Lesser sessions more networking conclude the 8th edition of NGDC
1:00 pm PDT 14/11/2016 By Krishanu Ghosal

After a packed second day of NGDC, everyone was looking forward to the sessions of the third and conclusive day of the eighth edition of NASSCOM Game Developer Conference. While it did not have as much attendance as the second day, it was still filled with enthusiasts ready to fill in the seats at the sessions. One of the most interesting sessions of the first half had the respective hall absolutely packed before it even started. It was ‘Follow the … Read More

NGDC 2016 day two: Interesting sessions interspersed with valuable networking
1:00 pm PDT 12/11/2016 By Krishanu Ghosal

While the first day of NASSCOM Game Developer Conference was packed with workshops, the second day had a lot more in store. With the registrations booths queued up with long lines, you could make out that nobody wanted to miss on the sessions, events and networking opportunities. The sessions began with Roach Interactive’s Rahul Sehgal taking on the stage. He went on to describe how he created a game for mobile and ended up publishing it for PC. He spoke … Read More

Workshops reign over the first day of NGDC 2016
10:00 am PDT 11/11/2016 By Krishanu Ghosal

NASSCOM Game Developers Conference (NGDC) 2016 kicked off yesterday at Hyderabad International Convention Centre. Being arguably the most sought after game developers event in the country, NGDC looked to be quite promising on the first day of its 8th edition. After the initial wave of registrations, the scheduled sessions commenced in various sections, simultaneously. The major chunk of the day’s schedule was based on workshops, where enthusiasts flocked in an attempt to learn the tricks and trades of the genre … Read More

Mass Effect Andromeda
BioWare celebrates N7 Day with a new trailer of ‘Mass Effect Andromeda’
7:00 pm PDT 08/11/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

Following its predecessor, Mass Effect 3, BioWare is all set to release the upcoming version of the game in the spring of next year. Fans of Mass Effect would surely know about N7 day, a day coined by BioWare itself to commemorate the Mass Effect’s five year anniversary and on this day the company revealed the latest trailer of the upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda. The setup for the game on the official site reads: “Take the role of the Pathfinder, … Read More

Bengaluru to host the Season 2 Finale for ESL India Premiership 2016
5:00 pm PDT 07/11/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

Bengaluru is set to host the second season finale of India’s most prestigious e-sports event, the ESL India Premiership, from 12 to 13 November at KTPO Convention, in conjunction with the Bengaluru edition of Comic Con 2016. Featuring competition between top two participants hailing from three online qualifiers, phrased as the Starter Cups, along with the four winners of the three open qualifiers and two invited teams across three game titles, Challenger 2 will be the final opportunity for Indian … Read More

A look into the reveals and announcements made during BlizzCon 2016
3:00 pm PDT 07/11/2016 By Krishanu Ghosal

Blizzard recently concluded its annual expo event, BlizzCon and as usual there were a lot of new revelations throughout the event in regards to their IPs. Here are some of the announcements: Overwatch: Being the company’s latest and one of the most promising IPs, there were a lot of reveals for Overwatch as expected. First of all, Sombra (Yes, finally!). Two new maps have been revealed and also a new mode. The first map which will be coming to the … Read More

Activision Blizzard
Activision Blizzard’s Q3 revenue reaches $1.57 billion thanks to ‘Overwatch’ and ‘World of Warcraft’
3:00 pm PDT 04/11/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

Just last month Blizzard announced that its recently released first person shooter, Overwatch managed to reach the threshold of 20 million players. Now, during an earnings call, Activision-Blizzard further boosted the statement by revealing that Overwatch is the fastest title from Blizzard to reach a 20 million player base. Further, the company went on to reveal that it had a record number of monthly active users (MAU) this quarter, standing at 42 million. The figure has increased by 25 per … Read More

PS4 logo
Here’s the complete list of optimised games for PS Pro launch
6:00 pm PDT 03/11/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

With the release of PlayStation Pro just around the corner, the European PlayStation Blog just revealed a long list of games which will be optimised for the new console on the launch day. The new console sports better graphics, a faster processor and the most anticipated support for 4K resolution. PS4 Pro will have an 8 core AMD Jaguar as the main processor and an AMD Raedon based graphics card. Apart from the 39 titles revealed in the list, the post … Read More

Steam asks developers to provide in-game screen shots and not pre-rendered images on the store
7:16 pm PDT 02/11/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

With new policies and changes coming to Steam, it seems that the platform is going to take some stern measures to provide the customers with exactly what they have seen in the trailers/pictures before they buy a game. The upcoming “Discovery Update 2.0″ for Steam will bring in a new policy according to which the publishers of a game will have to put up in-game screen shots and not concept art or pre-rendered materials. According to a copy of update … Read More

Candy Crush Saga
Facebook launches PC gaming platform: Gameroom
3:00 pm PDT 02/11/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

With the gaming industry surging forward at a rapid pace, the big names from around the world are seemingly taking keen interest to come on-board. As it was known earlier, Facebook was about to launch its very own gaming platform in collaboration with Unity, now it is officially LIVE for anyone using Windows 7 and above, however it is still in the beta for developers. Titled ‘Gameroom’, the PC gaming platform was unveiled yesterday during the Unity developers conference in … Read More

Tomb Raider’s next installment possibly leaked in the most unexpected way
6:00 pm PDT 01/11/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

Rumours and speculations about Tomb Raider’s third installment have already been doing rounds through the community. However, the developers or even the fans would not have expected the next title for Lara Croft’s action-adventure game to be leaked in such a bizarre manner. If reports are to go by, reddit user Tripleh280 was travelling on the Montreal Subway and happened to get a glimpse of a person’s laptop, where he was working on a PowerPoint presentation which is titled, ‘Shadow of the … Read More