Netflix announces 2022 debut for anime series ‘Spriggan’, releases new trailer

Netflix has released a new trailer for Spriggan, its upcoming adaptation of Hiroshi Takashige and Ryoji Minagawa’s seminal manga of the same name. The streaming giant first announced the series in 2019, at which point it said it would release the show in 2021. Spriggan is now slated to debut next year, following production delays related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Set in the waning years of the Cold War, the manga follows the story of Yu Ominae, a high school student who leads a double life as a “Spriggan,” an elite covert agent working at the behest of the clandestine ARCAM Corporation. Spriggans are agents of the ARCAM Corporation whose profession is to locate and secure the lost relics of an ancient population before they’re discovered and exploited by forces who would seek to do so. Members of the once great civilization preserved messages with these technological relics, warning whoever finds them to destroy them should they not be put to good use.

Written by Hiroshi Takashige and illustrated by Ryoji Minagawa, the manga was published in Weekly Shonen Sunday by Shogakukan from 1989 to 1996. It sold over 10 million copies and was adapted into an anime film in 1998. David Production is producing the new series for Netflix.

The voice cast of the anime features Chiaki Kobayashi as Yu Ominae, Youhei Azakami as Jean Jacquemonde, Kenji Hamada as Director Yamamoto and Mariya Ise as Yoshino Somei. Directed by Hiroshi Kobayashi with a screenplay by Hiroshi Seko, Spriggan stars Chiaki Kobayashi, Youhei Azakami, Kenji Hamada and Mariya Ise. It is scheduled to release on Netflix in 2022.