Work your neurons with the addictive puzzler ‘Huerons’
11:00 am PDT 23/09/2014 By AnimationXpress Team

Life is like a puzzle, but what if there is a dash of colour added to it… Well Infinite Eurekas recently launched its first game called ‘Huerons’ attempting to give a fresh and new approach to create an addictive puzzle game based in the same flat and minimalistic design philosophy like iOS8. It has elegantly, hand-crafted 100 puzzles around 9 unique Huerons, which behave differently bringing an element of puzzle, strategy, surprise and joy to the game. The puzzles are easy … Read More

Custom Technologies’ Urban Viking raids the Google Play Store
10:00 am PDT 23/09/2014 By AnimationXpress Team

All of us sometime or the other must have imagined slaying a dragon in our mythical dreams, but with ‘Urban Viking’ one can actually get the experience of slaying dragons on their Android devices. Custom Technologies creative engineer Saurabh Sameer expounds: “Most people in their lives have someone who is itchy and nagging, sometimes it’s the insensitive boss, or the demanding wife, or an over jealous colleague. So this sort of gamifies those ‘dragons’ and gives us an opportunity to … Read More

Mobile ads surge in India
9:00 am PDT 12/09/2014 By AnimationXpress Team

With a year-over-year growth rate of over 70 per cent, the Asia-Pacific region has been our fastest-growing region for the delivery of ad impressions this year, with India leading this rapid expansion of ad traffic by increasing its delivered impressions by over 260 per cent since July 2013. Coupled with this rapid growth of ad traffic is an aggressive transformation of the marketplace from one dominated by less capable feature phones to a transformational market, with Android devices emerging as … Read More

Adaptive games, an evolution in the making
8:45 am PDT 12/09/2014 By AnimationXpress Team

US researchers have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) software that is better at predicting what goal a player is trying to achieve in a video game. The advance holds promise for helping game developers design new ways of improving the gameplay experience for players. “We developed this software for use in educational gaming, but it has applications for all video game developers,” said Dr James Lester, a professor of computer science at the North Carolina (NC) State University. This is … Read More

Disney Interactive releases all new ‘Marvel Super Hero’ trailer
1:30 pm PDT 09/09/2014 By AnimationXpress Team

Are you excited for the new Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Hero game trailer? Then you don’t have to wait any longer, as Disney Interactive released a fun new trailer of it. The game which will allow characters to take control of everyone from Black Widow to Rocket Raccoon and Spider-Man as they create their own worlds for Marvel’s heroes to inhabit. Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes features more than 20 new interactive figures from across the Marvel universe, original storylines penned by award-wining … Read More

Destiny world’s most expensive game to hit Cyberspace
1:00 pm PDT 09/09/2014 By AnimationXpress Team

Touted to be the biggest video game of the year and also the most expensive one ever made, Destiny will be launched today to an expected 10 million players. The sci-fi game is set 700 years in the future, where players travel through space to prevent humans from being wiped out by aliens. “The investment had been strongly focused on the social aspect of the game and of the Destiny universe, which is what has set it apart from other games,” said … Read More

‘Valiant Hearts: The Great War’ debuts on iOS devices
7:30 am PDT 06/09/2014 By AnimationXpress Team

Ubisoft recently announced that Valiant Hearts: The Great War, the puzzle-adventure game set during World War I, is now available to download only on the App Store. The first chapter is available for £2.99, the next three chapters are available as separate episodes for £2.49 each, or in a three-episode package for £5.99. All four chapters are available as of now. Valiant Hearts: The Great War is the story of crossed destinies and a broken love in a world torn … Read More

‘Double Happy vs The Infinite Sadness: Pharos’ teaser bags Bronze at AEAF
11:30 am PDT 04/09/2014 By AnimationXpress Team

The Moneystack and 2xcubed teams are on cloud nine as their first teaser of the upcoming adventure game Double Happy vs. The Infinite Sadness: Pharos has been awarded with a Bronze in the Game Cinematic Category at Australian Effects and Animation Festival, 2014. The winners for this category were announced by Digital Media World at a ceremony in Sydney. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Trailer and Civilization-Brave New World won Gold and Silver respectively. The AEAF Awards, now in its … Read More

Savera Marketing announces exciting offer on HIS R9 280x Gamers Choice Edition
11:30 am PDT 02/09/2014 By AnimationXpress Team

Savera Marketing, one of the fastest growing IT distribution house in India, has announced a special price offer on the HIS R9 280x GPU – a delight to the users especially the game lovers. It is equipped with turbo boost clock cooling GPU iPower IceQ X². The card is below 28dB when watching movies and surfing. The card remains quite yet performing powerfully during gaming, browsing, socializing, entertaining or working. It offers 4.5 times computer performance and 95 per cent … Read More

Loon Games’ adorable fur balls to roll out on iOS and Android screens this September
4:30 pm PDT 26/08/2014 By Niyati Handa

Cannons, cars, hairy monsters riding giant earthworms and bagel towers, Loon Games developers make them all. It is a casual game development studio based in Navi Mumbai and headed by Aditya Kulkarni. “We were well aware of the market trends, what works and what does not in a statistical sense since we keep a tab on the market and are in touch with quite a few industry folks across the globe. We were prototyping some touch based concepts and the … Read More

Kochu TV gets more interactive with ‘Run Singoo’
4:00 pm PDT 25/08/2014 By AnimationXpress Team

Kochu TV, Sun TV Network’s kids’ entertainment channel in Malayalam launched arguably, the biggest interactive game show on Indian television, ‘Run Singoo’ on 23 August. This live interactive show based on the sensational technology of motion capture control, is a path-breaking concept in Indian television turf.  Integrating this state of the art know-how, into a television game show will bring gaming into the homes of each and every Kochu TV audience.  Fun with gaming will no more be an expensive … Read More

‘Blind Legend’ – A 3D game for visually impaired players
3:40 pm PDT 25/08/2014 By AnimationXpress Team

Now blind and disabled gamers can enjoy a ‘video-less’ 3D game that relies on sound instead of sight and allows visually impaired players to experience the joys of digital gaming. The newest game in this genre has just been launched by a team of creative developers in France. A crowd funding campaign was used to raise more than 31,000 pounds to evolve their demo into a functioning prototype. The ‘video-less’ game uses a production technique known as binaural recording to … Read More