China’s game sales up by 21.9%
5:00 pm PDT 29/07/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

China’s game market saw robust growth in the first half of the year, with revenues for the sector rising at an annual rate of 21.9 per cent, an official said on Wednesday. Game sales in the January-June period reached 60.5 billion yuan, said Sun Shoushan, deputy director of the State Administration of Press in Shanghai. Sales of original online games jumped by one third to 45.8 billion yuan, said Sun, who added that mobile game sales surged 67.2 per cent to … Read More

Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to WWE with 2K16
12:00 pm PDT 29/07/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

Terminator: Genisys brought back James Cameroon’s version of Arnold Schwarzenegger as well as ‘Pops’ at the big screen this year; but Arnie fans can now also find the larger than life persona, reprising his Terminator avatar in 2K’s wrestling franchise WWE 2K16 which releases this fall. This move by the studio is somewhat similar to earlier cinematic incorporations of Predator and Jason Voorhees who were playable characters in Mortal Kombat X. Arnold Schwarzenegger who portrayed the assassin from the future, … Read More

Razer confirms acquiring of Android console maker Ouya
12:00 pm PDT 28/07/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

Razer has confirmed its acquisition of microconsole maker Ouya after a small slip-up from the investment bank Mesa Group in June.  With this deal, Ouya has agreed to sell its software and app store to Razer and the company will then transition to its “more advanced” Forge TV. Razer will keep Ouya service alive for one more year, before closing it down. It will keep Ouya name as a separate publisher but will not keep the hardware business of Ouya … Read More

Video game consoles ban lifted completely from China
11:00 am PDT 27/07/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

China is completely lifting the ban on selling and manufacturing of video game consoles which it had imposed 14 years ago, allowing companies like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to enter the huge market which was untapped till now. Chinese Ministry of Culture had issued the ban in 2000 to protect the youth of the tightly controlled communist country, but since last year the government has had change of hearts and it no longer views video games as threatening. Restrictions were … Read More

Outpost Games get $6.2mn to be a linear entertainment platform for games courtesy Benchmark
8:30 pm PDT 23/07/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

Former Zynga employees, who came together to co-found Outpost Games have recently managed to get themselves a big booty of $ 6 million as backing from Benchmark and is determined to build PC games that are as much fun to watch as they are to play. The startup, which will launch its first game late next year, is different from dozens of other gaming startups in that it will also create a platform for gamers to broadcast their games similar … Read More

Unity bolsters GameAnalytics SDK with new features
10:00 am PDT 23/07/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

GameAnalytics for some time now has been a staple for Unity developers to provide with analytics to better understand player’s behavior by giving insights. It has now upgraded its systems to provide several new features on both Android and iOS. Key new features in the updated GameAnalytics SDKs include dedicated player progression, designed to facilitate level balancing by offering insight into the way players consume and move through game content. The progression event type has a 3 hierarchy structure, to … Read More

What do Indian game developers think about the new Apple price model?
6:00 pm PDT 22/07/2015 By Vivek Kapadia

Developers in India for some time now have been asking app platforms to give a differential treatment to the Indian marketplace considering the lower credit card penetration and higher pricing of apps which has lead audience to shy away from the premium apps. The latter’s request has just come true thanks to Apple’s introduction of new pricing tiers which allows app developers to charge as low as Rs 10 for their apps and games. The developers now get an option … Read More

Nostalgia: 10 Cricket Games that one must try out
5:00 pm PDT 21/07/2015 By Vivek Kapadia

With the season of cricket upon us what with the oldest cricketing Test series The Ashes and India finishing a successful tour in Zimbabwe to now go packing to Sri Lanka which is currently hosting Pakistan. The cricket fever has just started, although there has also been some negative publicity with the recent banning on two IPL teams, namely Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings. One thing cricket lovers also do love other than watching their favourite players on the … Read More

Taipei Game Developers Forum returns with more focus on future tech
11:30 am PDT 20/07/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

Taiwan is all set for its annual gathering of game developers at Taipei Game Developers Forum (TGDF), which is organized by Institute for Information Industry (III) and International Game Developers Association (IGDA), along with several co-organizers in Taiwan and from abroad, TGDF. Scheduled to be held on 23-24 July at Taipei International Convention Center (TICC), it promises to be grander than the earlier editions. The coming forum features virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), hot topics that blasted the Game Developers Conference (GDC) … Read More

Clashers get one more reason to fight as ClashCon to make its debut this October
10:30 am PDT 20/07/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

Conventions have become a norm these days as each popular product have got some or the other ‘cons’ happening in the world. It was only a matter of time before Supercell Games announced a con for its very popular game Clash of Clans. The multi-billion dollar game is to have its own convention in October and will be called ClashCon. As the name suggests, ClashCon is going to be, well, a convention where Clash of Clans from all around the … Read More

Angry Birds 2 – Rovio back to its roots
4:00 pm PDT 16/07/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

Since the birth of smartphones one game that has survived different versions of androids and iOS is the Angry Birds franchise. Over the last 6 years, Rovio has been offering fans different versions of its bird slinging game but none yet have been able to match its success which it achieved from the first game. The developer teased with a tweet that the 2009 game is again getting its true successor in the sequel Angry Birds 2 which will out … Read More

Deep Silver parts with Yager; Dead Island 2 to be made with a new studio
1:00 pm PDT 16/07/2015 By AnimationXpress Team

The survival horror zombie game Dead Island sequel Dead Island 2 just had a change of hands as publisher Deep Silver said that it was no longer working with Yager Development. Deep Silver in a statement said: “With Dead Island 2, Deep Silver has always been dedicated to delivering the sequel that Dead Island fans deserve. After careful consideration, today we announce the decision to part ways with development partner Yager. We will continue working towards bringing our vision of … Read More