‘Anjaan’ to hit mobile screens before its theatrical release
1:30 pm PDT 30/07/2014 By AnimationXpress Team

Anjaan an upcoming Tamil action thriller, starring popular and leading Indian actor, Suriya is all set to be encapsulated in a mobile game developed by Vroovy, a joint venture between south Asia’s largest digital media company Hungama and India’s largest game service company Gameshastra. Read More

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment ‘Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor’ announces earlier release date
12:30 pm PDT 30/07/2014 By AnimationXpress Team

Based on hearing fans’ excitement over the latest chronicle in Middle-earth, WBIE will release the action game earlier than originally planned at all participating retailers. In the game, players will experience the depth of the Nemesis System, where every enemy is unique, differentiated by their appearance, personality, strengths and weaknesses. Read More

Ubisoft introduces Elise in a new Assassin’s Creed Unity Arno trailer
12:00 pm PDT 30/07/2014 By AnimationXpress Team

In addition to the new trailer, Ubisoft is offering fans the chance to discover a novel by Oliver Bowden based on Assassin’s Creed Unity. This new paperback from Penguin Random House builds on Bowden’s past Assassin’s novels and examines an era when the divide between the rich and poor is at its most extreme, and a nation is tearing itself apart. Read More

Ubisoft releases ‘Riders of the Rustlands’ for trials fusion
11:00 am PDT 30/07/2014 By AnimationXpress Team

Ubisoft has released Riders of the Rustlands, the first of six planned downloadable content packs for Trials Fusion. Available now for Season Pass holders and at £3.99 for players without the Season Pass, Riders of the Rustlands brings new tracks, challenges, editor objects and achievements to Trials Fusion. Read More goes regional, will now be available in Telugu
1:00 pm PDT 28/07/2014 By AnimationXpress Team

With this launch, ClassicRummy has become India’s first multi-lingual rummy site. Online rummy is very popular across India and has a major fan following in the southern states. Most rummy players from southern region would prefer to play rummy in their regional language. Read More

The global games market to breach $100 billion in 2017: Newzoo 2014 report
4:00 pm PDT 25/07/2014 By AnimationXpress Team

With globalisation of the games market really picking up pace, as platforms and business models become more aligned across all regions of the world. Free-to-play and eSports have moved from East to West, and at the same time, the East is opening up to Western IP and game devices. Mobile gaming has become the truly global playground for developers. Read More

GameEon… where dreams are lived!
3:00 pm PDT 25/07/2014 By Niyati Handa

GameEon targets audience between the age group 18 to 25. It believes that’s the prime age when people are engaged with information and go through a lot of stress, as most of them are either students or working professionals. The company is planning to come up with nearly 40 new games by the end of 2015, working with different mechanics to suit the preference of all potential users. Read More

Disney Interactive all set to release Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) this September
11:30 am PDT 25/07/2014 By AnimationXpress Team

Disney Interactive has announced the release date of Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition), an action-adventure sandbox video game developed by Avalanche. Marvel fans will be able to get their hands on the game beginning 23 September. Read More

InMobi says ‘Game On!’ with New Monetisation Solution
1:30 pm PDT 24/07/2014 By AnimationXpress Team

InMobi has announced its new monetisation solution for games, including industry-first playable ads format offered at global scale. To back this solution, InMobi has also created a 25 million dollar fund for indie game developers. This solution will allow developers to optimise their monetisation strategies based on the emotional state of players as they move through different stages of the game. Read More

Mythology gets redefined in a card game
1:15 pm PDT 23/07/2014 By AnimationXpress Team

Maha Yodha comprises two decks, each representing a faction of a unique army of warriors, Gods, demons, weapons and scrolls. It is divided between the “Aditya” and “Asura” factions of gods and demons that battle each other with their legendary weapons. Read More