VFX Voices on VES India Tour

Ajay Singh (Creative Director, Crest)– It’s great that the VES tour has happened finally in India. It gives us the chance to be part of the global body. The people who had come are legends in themselves. I’m looking forward to becoming a VES member.

nullChand (Ettamina/CG Tantra)- “The VES sessions were amazing. The 50 best movies that were showcased were a treat for the eyes. They brought back the memories of how effects were done in the earlier days, when the use of the computer was almost non-existent. People like Peter Chiang who have such an illustrious history of working on wonderful movies are a boon to countries such as ours where they can share about their experience and setting up of studios. It was great to great to hear from Tim about how he worked on Tron till the movies he’s worked on till date. A big thank you to Anand Gurnani and N Madhusudhanan for making this tour possible. Now we have an address to get in touch with the VFX society. We also need to have VES more active in India. The society should also make it more convenient for youngsters to join the society and give us more chances to collaborate with them.

nullMerzin Tavria (Creative Head, Prime Focus)– “It was a wonderful experience. It was good exposure to international work and artists and this I feel is the only way for us to go forward. We’ve been disjointed and segmented earlier and this has brought India into visibility. India has made an important contribution to the International market. Prime Focus appreciates the effort that the organizers have put in.”

nullDavid Crawford (Senior VFX Supervisor, Pixion)– “The VES tour was a good introductory conference. The tour shows international interest in India. Next time there should be more VFX professionals from India participating in the tour as well as have a more in depth Q&A. This has also helped form people’s minds about VFX. Workshops would also be a great idea.”

nullR. Madhan (Director, Image Infotainment)- “It was a big exposure for the Indian industry and a great learning experience for students. The presentation by Peter Chiang about the invisible VFX was really good. I’d like to thank N.Madhsudhanan whose commitment has made this possible along with Anand’s support. This is a great achievement for the industry. Next time VES could spend more time in more cities of India. This was also an opportunity to showcase our work to Hollywood. It should definitely be made into an annual event.”

nullPrashant Buyyala (MD, R&H, India)- The people who came to the tour got very good exposure top the Indian companies. Our Indian artists have got a good exposure to the presentations by the VES. Special mention to Peter’s case study must be made here. It is the beginning and we are hopeful that this is an indication of a lot more things to happen.”


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