F9 Post Studio founder shares the making of HP Omen’s recent futuristic advertisement

Mumbai-based studio F9 Post created some amazing visual moments for the futuristic advertising campaign for HP themed as ‘Gamerkind, Humankind needs you’ highlighting their OMEN series. The advertisement produced by Jungle Films and directed by Shai Samtaney has some incredible visuals using holography, matte painting and other enriching special effects. 

The recently released new campaign starring Bollywood actor Boman Irani shows him as the head of a futuristic lab where youngsters can be seen developing skills through gaming. Hence, the prime factors of this TVC was all about the latest technology including Virtual Reality which is used by the young generation to play games, for creativity, and so on.

Boman Irani

“This project was creatively and technically challenging because of its deadline and the director of this film wanted a futuristic look. We worked from the scratch such as concept design to completion. Finally, we successfully delivered this project because of the talented artists we work with,” F9 Post founder/CEO and graphics head Nitesh Patil told AnimationXpress. 

According to him, it was challenging because of its concept that dwelled upon future technology which had to be shown using holography. But they got creative liberty to work on this project from concept to completion of film. Around 25 artists including roto artist, matchmove artist, matte paint artist, compositor, 3D artist, VFX artist, holograph artist completed the project in 45 days. Most of them were working remotely. 

Sharing details about the filmmaking process, Patil said, “If you see this film carefully, it was completely shot on a chroma background with a limited set. With the help of computer graphics, we created multiple different elements which was the need of the concepts.”

Various softwares and techniques used for the commercial were 3D Max, Maya, After Effects, Nuke, 3D Equilizer (Tracking), Boujou (Tracking), Fusion (Roto) and so on.

Giving a rough glimpse of the studio’s upcoming project, Patil added, “There are a couple of projects which are in the pipeline; one of them is for an OTT platform. Due to confidentiality we can’t share the name but we can certainly say that because of its concept, it is one of the most interesting and challenging projects.”