DNEG contributes to COVID-19 relief effort in India

Around the world, giant corporations and international studios are pouring in support and donations to help stabilise the crippling situation of oxygen shortage in India. Recently Oscar-winning VFX studio DNEG donated 50 Oxygen Concentrators and 1,000 Ration Kits to the State of Maharashtra, the second-most populous state in India and home to DNEG’s flagship Indian studio in Mumbai. The donations were a joint contribution from DNEG and Prime Focus in an effort led by DNEG CEO Namit Malhotra.

Critical in the battle against Coronavirus, Oxygen Concentrators are currently in short supply in India and are a vital resource for those suffering from the respiratory effects of Coronavirus.

The DNEG and Prime Focus teams have also sent 1,000 ration kits to Maharashtra to support the local communities that have been so badly affected by the pandemic.

These efforts were recently acknowledged by local parliamentary member Priyanka Chaturvedi who shared the following image in a tweet.

We are extremely heartened by the infinite help being sent to India from all over the world to ease the volatile cover situation India is reeling under!