Students Speak

The AVGC industry is growing with every passing day, leaving ample opportunities for art students and aspiring designers. The career scope in this sector is amusing and many institutes have come up with different design and art courses for the students. Few students from various institutions share their views on choosing the animation and design sector as their career choice. “This industry is growing and in the future it will only bloom. Winning awards for various animated works also makes us go a step ahead towards opting this as a career.” Omkar, MAAC, Mumbai “Backstage Pass was my first choice because it is the only credible college that teaches exclusively Game Development. The friendly environment of the college when I visited was a welcoming factor for me.”  – Akash Simon, Backstage Pass institute of Gaming and Technology “The Pre Visualisation topic interests me a lot. I have an interest in drawing and Pre visualization allows me to use my drawing skills a lot. Character design and backgrounds are something I love to do because I feel that characters and backgrounds elevate an animated movie to another level. The faculty is very supportive . They give us the freedom to use our own ideas to make our artwork.”  – Avighna Rangnekar, Whistling woods International – Mumbai “The main attraction for me at the time of joining was that they offered quality education at affordable fees which enables students of all classes to learn game development. Another major factor was, I initially joined for Game Programming but within the first year I realized my passion lies in Game Art, the management was flexible enough to figure out a consistent process to shift me to the Game Art course.” – Vineet Kumar, Backstage Pass institute of Gaming and Technology “At the time of joining, Backstage Pass was the only college that was offering a four-year bachelor’s degree in game development while other colleges were providing diplomas or three-year courses that wouldn’t be as beneficial or credible for any future abroad masters or otherwise. I was also looking for a college that was perfect for only game development. Not animation or VFX but specifically game development and Backstage Pass exactly fit that box.” – Girish Jaiswal, Backstage Pass institute of Gaming and Technology