Guest Column | The changing gaming industry scenario in India

Surya P
The gaming industry has quietly overtaken both the movie industry and the music industry globally. It is valued at 150 billion dollars in the year 2020 and is predicted to be worth 300 billion dollars by the year 2025. Most of the population is not aware of the popularity, demand and growth of gaming which is one of the fastest-growing industry in the world right now attributing its rapid growth to the high profits generated via gaming and the presence of 2.5 billion gamers globally. India’s gaming ecosystem has grown from close to nothing to 62 billion rupees worth industry now. The value is expected to increase to 250 billion rupees by the year 2024. Indian gaming industry a decade ago In the year 2010, video games had just started becoming quickly accessible attributing the rise of smartphones, which gave easy access to playing mobile games, and the collective increase in buying video game devices as well as the games. But, India was far behind in developing games or having any resemblance of an organised industry sector for gaming. It had a mere 25 studios altogether in the country, most of which were multinationals like Ubisoft that performed only game testing in its Indian branches but not actual game development. Education in game development was in even more miserable condition with only two prominent colleges for exclusively gaming education which were Backstage Pass Institute of Gaming and Technology and DSK Superinfocom. Indian gaming industry now Fast forward ten years and in the year 2020; the Indian gaming ecosystem has come a long way.  The number of game companies in India has shot up to almost 300 game companies. Multinationals such as Ubisoft have begun developing games in their Indian branches instead of only game testing. Many gaming colleges have come up, but only Backstage Pass Institute of Gaming and Technology has withstood the test of time and has completed a decade of its journey in the gaming education sector, growing and evolving alongside the industry. The college’s long journey has opened paths for many associations to industry veterans, thereby, increasing the internship and job opportunities it can provide to its students. The industry is now placed at a value of 62 billion rupees and is rapidly growing. Career opportunities in gaming in India Demand for professionals of other industries may drop and rise time and again but in the developing gaming industry of India in its nascent stage when compared to other countries that have a well-established gaming industry. In its developing stage, it requires a significant number of talented game developers due to this gaming college such as Backstage Pass have a vast inflow of associations with game companies which in turn provide job opportunities for their students. The value of the gaming industry has multiplied in the last decade and is set to keep growing at a colossal magnitude in the next twenty years. Therefore, the demand for game developers will only increase but not decrease presently as well as in the future. Future of the Indian gaming industry The Indian gaming field is worth 62 billion rupees currently and is estimated to be around 250 billion rupees in the next four years. It is a country with world’s largest youth platform; therefore, it will be one of the leading markets in the gaming sector globally as more and more individuals take up gaming as either a casual or serious habit. The predicted rise in the gaming sector of India is humongous, which will, in turn, lead to a high demand for game developers all around the country. If you are a parent who can look at the bigger picture, then you can see that there will be no other career with such lucrative opportunities for your child at the time of his/her graduation such as the gaming industry would. (This article has been contributed by Backstage Pass Institute of Gaming and Technology founder Surya P. and AnimationXpress does not necessarily subscribe to these views.)