Netflix’s recent trailer of Dino Girl Gauko is adorable and fiery

Netflix recently dropped the first trailer (in Japanese) for the anime comedy Dino Girl Gauko. The 20 x 7’ series comes from Crayon Shin-chan creator/director Akira Shigino and producer Hitoshi Mogi. Based in Japan, the series follows Naoko Watanabe — a typical 14-year old, except for her strange gift/curse. When her anger reaches a fever pitch, she transforms into Gauko the fire-breathing dinosaur girl. A seemingly typical tween possesses a strange gift and curse — when her anger exceeds a maximum level, she turns into fire-breathing dinosaur girl Gauko. Set to debut on 22 November 2019, Naoko introduces us to the other personalities that fill her “ordinary” home town, and we get a look at Gauko in action.