New ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ movie trailer reveals upgraded character’s redesign

The Sonic the Hedgehog movie has had its ups and downs. It was originally planned to release in theaters this November, but it was delayed after significant fan backlash. Sonic the Hedgehog fans were upset about Sonic’s new look for the movie, with the criticism loud enough to convince the filmmakers to go back to the drawing board. Now fans have gotten their first good look at Sonic’s new design for the upcoming film, thanks to a new trailer shared by director Jeff Fowler. The trailer opens with Sonic going from his world to our world. While he starts out just by killing time (reading Flash comics, playing baseball and, uhh, karate), he’s eventually found by James Marsden’s character, Tom. The two embark on a road trip to escape the clutches of the fiendish Doctor Robotnik, played with all his ’90s comedic overblown might by Jim Carrey.
As for the Sonic redesign: it’s a little more cutesy and a lot less nightmare fuel. The teeth are still there to some extent, sure, but the wider eyes and more exaggerated features make it far more palatable. In the meantime, other Sonic the Hedgehog fans may be more interested in a new main series game starring the blue blur, but it’s unclear when such a game will materialize. The last main series Sonic the Hedgehog games came out in 2017, and while Sega confirmed a new Sonic game is in development earlier this year, no further details have been released so far.