6 best free meme makers online

The whole world is either run by the government or by the meme. They are becoming pretty famous around the internet, and since then, people have started using them for businesses. You can attract a lot of people, and a creative meme approach can market your brand in the best way possible.

Memes are everywhere on social media, and they are in such a context that they are a part of social media marketing. You can easily attract the targeted audience with these memes. But to make them, you need a meme maker that can help you create them. 

So come, let us have a look at some of the most considered meme-makers online –

What is a Meme?

Anything that comically depicts a regular thing is a meme. It can be a graphical image or a GIF showing you something with bold text. A humorous image edited in such a way is called a Meme. You can create them using meme generators, and we will discuss them later in this section. If you are planning to make memes for your business, make sure everyone can understand it. Don’t beat around the bush and add a good sense of humor into it.

The Culture of Memes

Memes spread like wildfire on the internet, and any of them can become famous. It just depends on the way people relate to your meme. The whole meme thing started back in 79 AD in Pompeii. Yes, you have heard it right, the meme culture is life since that time.

Memes have existed for a very long time, but with the increase in usage of social media, memes start getting famous every day. They can be beneficial for any type of business and with the increasing number of meme makers today; soon, social media will be filled with them.

Best Free Meme Makers

Here are the best free meme-makers that you can use to create some great content. 

1) InVideo

It’s by far everything you need to create a meme out of a video. There are so many features that will let you add graphics to your videos. Select any video clips, and merge them however you want. There are several features like cropping, cutting, and trimming a video to make a funny video out of it. It is an AI-powered tool where you can get things done in a pretty easy way. There are so many premium features in this meme maker, and it can help you design any graphic images for your meme page. This meme generator takes care of every picture you paste into the software. It will suggest the changes required and vice-versa.

You can easily edit, cut, crop, and even add some fantastic effects to your videos. It will add life to a routine boring video, and if it is a meme, you can add some funny voiceover to the effect.

2) Imgur

Imgur is not just a meme maker, but you can get connected to all the memes on the internet. It shows up on the dashboard, and you can also get inspiration from these memes. There are very few updates you’ll get for this tool. They are nearly semi-frequent, and if you want to create any meme, you could choose from lots of templates. And if you have one on your phone, you could import it and edit the identical one on this generator.

3) VideoCreek

VideoCreekis an online meme maker, and you can use even the oldest Halloween Templates from it. Click on caption a meme to add text or import to add your new picture to it. You can make memes utilizing your image, video, or anything you need. Add a comical text to it, and it will be prepared to partake in your family gatherings

4) Make a meme

You can search for meme templates here and come across whatever you like. It has a vast collection with all the necessary editing tools for making a perfect meme. You can get a ton of thoughts from the investigated area, and you can utilize the most established meme pictures to make memes. It will make your memes look extraordinary when contrasted with others.

5) Livememe

Add text, graphics to any photo or template with this software. You can upload the image by going to the top left corner or select ‘create a meme’. It has a lot of other features that let you create memes from your pictures. All you have to do is add an image and enjoy making memes. It’s not just a meme maker or photo editor, but you can edit high-end videos on them too. For memes, you can create and edit videos to make some hilarious content online. You can use its drag and drop feature to add files directly to the server. It also consists of advanced features like making videos for your YouTube channel. 


Diy Lol is how the retro memes were started with as the screens mentioned in this application. You can choose the template from it and make a meme. It also has advanced features to add text to your humorous images. The software is free to use, and you can create pictures full of humor with it.


These were the best meme makers that you can use on the internet. Look out for tips to create your memes. Once you have good meme knowledge, you can start making your own to make your audience laugh their lungs out.