Desi kids will find their new companion, the new desi real hero ‘CHANAKYA’ is coming soon from inani media, check out the Trailer!

Hyderabad based animation studio inani media announces its collaboration with the National Award Winner Satyakashi Bhargava for the new multilingual cross platform 2D edutainment show Chanakya, 104X11” (Season One) targeted for six to 12 year kids. The USP of the show is – Unlike other superheroes, Chanakya will find the realistic solutions for the realistic problems in the realistic world in a logical, scientific, technical and contemporary way. 

The show follows the hilarious tales of wit and wisdom of an eight-year-old kid Chanakya along with his best pal Nandhan and pet cat Catchy. In other words, it’s an interesting and funny confrontation of Mind Vs Muscle- Chanakya finds solutions with mind while Nandhan banks on Muscle. Last but not the least, Chanakya celebrates the spirit of true friendship. 

“inani media is a five-year-old company with a team of 50 plus creative artists who are working on multiple IPs. Currently the development is in full swing for Chanakya and we have a big list of titles in pre-production. We also have plans on merchandise, as the name Chanakya is synonymous to education and learning. We have bigger plans to make this an international brand in the coming years. Our focus is on creating content that is engaging and enriching for our kids and we are open to collaborations and associations to take this to the next level,” says inani media CEO Rahul Reddy.

“It’s time the gear is shifting in terms of content. Stories based on our mythology and folklore are in vogue in world markets and our strength lies in telling stories from the roots of India with a unique style of narration that is enthralling and exhilarating. CHANAKYA is a brand that everyone can connect to when it comes to wit and wisdom, which form the basis of the show. We are quite sure to make this a big brand and hope kids will find a new companion, last but not the least, ‘Atmanirbhar Content for Atmanirbhar Bharat’,” says creator of Chanakya Satyakashi Bhargava.