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CNBC-TV18‘s SME Forum in Mumbai discusses animation technology

From L to R: Anand Gurnani, Krishnakumar P, Vivek Law, Rajesh Gupta and Jaideep Ghosh

Dell and Intel collaborating with CNBC-TV18 for the ‘SME-Scale, Mobility, Efficiency‘ Forum in Mumbai, where the IT giants came together and talked animation. The objective of this interactive panel discussion was to maximize the potential of SMEs from the animation industry to achieve their peak potential, using the available IT solutions.

Leaving the stretch and squash principles to the creatives, Intel Director (Sales and Marketing) Rajesh Gupta, KPMG Director Jaideep Ghosh and Dell Director of Marketing Krishnakumar P spoke about their companies‘ efforts to provide proficient technology to animation studios. AnimationXpress.com Co-Founder and Managing Editor Anand Gurnani spoke on behalf of the animation industry. The forum was moderated by Vivek Law of CNBC-TV 18.

Jaideep Ghosh traced the journey of the animation industry; right from the days when outsourced work formed a major chunk of the industry, to the recent spike in international and domestic investments which is encouraging local content and co-productions. The styles of animation are progressing as well, from traditional puppet animation to high-end 3D computer graphics; an area where the IT industry enters this creative field.

The panel shed light on the problems that the animation industry is facing. Rajesh Gupta said, “Technology plays an integral role in animation. But the available solutions are not completely exploited. Traditionally SMEs approach technology in an ad-hoc manner.” He strongly recommended the use of technology in the animation industry, as it ultimately helps one to operate more efficiently, grow the business and be competent.

Technology tries and interjects the sequential workflow of animation by employing parallel computing and multi-core technology to battle deadlines. In 3D animation, faster rendering gives a glimpse of the final output, thus making quick changes possible as opposed to the days when one had to return after a week to see the output. Also, given the fact that computer graphics are gaining importance, the energy saving function of the IT industry helps cut down costs.

Krishnakumar P said ” With approximately 2 million e-mails being sent and seven PCs being bought per second, technology is reaching the common man at the pace of French fries; communicating with them is now getting easier. Having spoken to many primary workstations, we are able to come up with products built for their needs.”

“We are keeping abreast with the SME expansion, right from aiding them in their initial set-up to helping them scale up as their sphere of work expands,” he added. The panel reassured that IT will support the animation industry, as animation forays into modern means.

Anand Gurnani pointed out that with technology being made available by the IT companies; their intelligent assimilation is pressing issue. Gurnani added that there is a dearth of conceptualizers who can come up with innovative and constructive pre production work.

Penetration of technology in India is a question that needs attention. India doesn‘t have a history in animation like Korea or Japan. Without its baggage in 2D animation, it could be easier for the Indian animation industry to take on the 3D world, opined Ghosh. With gaming and animation wanting to become more and more photorealistic, studios are keen on upgrading themselves with cost and time saving equipment, he added.

The audience voiced their concern about the wide gap between creative people from the traditional medium and technology that is upgraded almost daily. The panel agreed that – with the technical half growing as rapidly as it is – it is time for collaborative work rather than a one man effort..


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