Rainshine Entertainment and Five Fifty Five partner to develop content including for XR worldwide

 Rainshine Entertainment and Five Fifty Five announced strategic joint venture, where the two companies will work together to develop, produce, and distribute long and short-form film and TV formats, audio podcasts, and extended reality (XR) content for audiences worldwide.

This joint association brings together entrepreneur, investor, and consultant,  Rainshine Entertainment’s founder, chairman and CEO Neeraj Bhargava, and international filmmaker, actor and creative director, Five Fifty Five founder and CEO Kate Baxter. Leveraging the expertise and strengths of the two companies, this partnership unites them in their common endeavor to offer consumers a diverse range of stories that spans genres and audiences.

Working closely with Baxter and her team from Five Fifty Five, this partnership will be supported by two other key members of the Rainshine team – Emerging Business SVP Kiran Nithyanand, and sr. product manager Harleen Chadha.

Setting the wheels in motion, the initial set of IP franchises to be launched through this partnership include an untitled project, directed by Marine Corps veteran filmmaker Elegance Bratton; an untitled Raoni Metuktire project, directed by Kate Baxter, about the first environmentalist and 2020 Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Raoni Metuktire, edited by Eduardo Serrano; and The Dark Lady, based on the bestselling research and book William Shakespeares Dark Lady by Dr. John Hudson. Rainshine Entertainment and Five Fifty Five will also join hands to create a wide range of podcasts, led by audio fiction writer, director and producer Jack Bowman, and audio and digital content producer Sandra Labady.

Commenting on the new venture, Baxter said, “Working alongside my colleague and friend, Neeraj Bhargava, I am thrilled to see opportunities for Five Fifty Fives international content to be produced and distributed to a global audience. Our partnership provides a wider platform for Five Fifty Fives development incubator which includes 50+ creatives across 5 continents, speaking 30+ languages. Never in history has there been a more urgent and opportune moment for the unheard voices we develop and support to be spread through traditional channels.”

We are a team of passionate storytellers with a constant endeavor to offer high quality and engaging content across formats and genres. Staying true to this, we are delighted to partner with Five Fifty Five, a company that echoes what we believe in. This association presents an exciting opportunity to broaden the scope of our offerings and facilitate the global distribution of our combined work to a more diversified audience worldwide,” said Bhargava.

Heres a sneak peek into the impressive line-up of content that will be rolled out first as part of this joint venture:

  • Untitled project – This is the story of the first African American regiment to fight in WWI, and how they moved the world against all odds on and off the battlefield. The project is a global, music-heavy, action-driven political-commentary that is a highly demanded show in the current social environment.

  • Untitled Raoni Metuktire project This is the story of the first environmentalist and 2020 Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Raoni Metuktire, whose village is now in critical danger due to Brazilian president Bolsonaro’s urgency to overtake their land and the Amazon rainforest, for international business deals with the likes of Donald Trump.

  • The Dark Lady – The Dark Lady is a shocking, hard-hitting, truly global true story about the critical thinking of the black Jewess credited with writing much of Shakespeare’s work.