Fenil Comics releases two titles in Hindi

Fenil Comics recently released two books, Zura and The Exilium 2 in Hindi. The pre-orders of both books started in August 2020 and the shipping starts tomorrow, from 18 September. Zura is written by Kiriti Rambhatla whereas The Exilium series is written by Australian author Ben Slabak.

Both books are available at Fenil Comics official online store and will be out for supply at the local book stands of India soon, once the pandemic is under control.

Zura and The Exilium are both space fiction concepts. “None of Indian publishers are working on space fiction concept these days. So both these books give out a fresh storyline for our readers,” mentioned Fenil Comics founder Fenil Sherdiwala.

The team at Fenil Comics is concentrating on the superhero genre, creating a universe for Indian superheroes. The Fenilverse currently has more than 30 Super heroes and the team is definitely planning to add more to it. The current list includes, Om, Faulaad, Bajrangi, Jasoos Balram, Vetaal, Crimefighter, Stunt Girl, Taskara to name a few.

The next big announcement coming from Fenil Comics is about a web series that is in the production stage and a graphic novel. It looks like Fenil Comics has its plate full, and we can’t wait to have a powerful Fenilverse to boast about.