VFX Deep Tech start-up NeuralGarage raises $1.45 million as seed funding -

Deep Tech start-up NeuralGarage raises $1.45 million as seed funding

Deep Tech start-up NeuralGarage raises 1.45 million dollars in a seed round led by Exfinity Ventures. Founded by IIT Kanpur alumni – Subhashish Saha, Anjan Banerjee, Subhabrata Debnath and senior media and entertainment executive Mandar Natekar, NeuralGarage is currently building an innovative VisualDub solution to empower content creators across the board, globally.

The seed round saw participation from angel investors RAAY Global, Vishal Agarwal and Raj Kulasingam, Anand Singh, Sarath Sura, Sachin Jain, Narendra Soni and Kejal Shah. The funds secured in the seed round will be used by NeuralGarage to enhance its capabilities by investing in talent across R&D, engineering and product.

With content being dubbed in multiple languages to appeal to more audiences globally, NeuralGarage will eliminate the visual dissonance and loss of realism caused by dubbing due to a lack of audio-visual sync thus enabling a seamless export of language and culture.

Speaking on this state-of-the-art technology and the business opportunity, NeuralGarage co founder and CEO Mandar Natekar said, “Our proprietary tech VisualDub intends to make non-native content native, help content creators and long format platforms in localization of content, make dubbed content look realistic and offer a delightful experience for viewers. We see this technology being adopted globally by content platforms and studios, advertising agencies, broadcasting networks, edutech platforms and creators of L&D content. Given the nature of the technology and the fast-growing content ecosystem, VisualDub will surely create intrinsic value and further growth.”

Exfinity Ventures founding managing partner Shailesh Ghorpade added, “As an investment thesis, Exfinity is looking at computer vision + video to solve a wide range of use cases. We already have made a few investments in this space earlier. The consumption of video content is exploding. Content also transcends all barriers – language, culture, nation and others. NeuralGarage has developed a completely different and transformative technology to deliver an unparalleled experience to the viewer with its VisualDub product, hitherto not seen before. The team has a fantastic profile and we are thrilled to partner with them.”

“With the recent advancements in AI, it is imperative that it will play a crucial role in the forthcoming years by enhancing and inspiring the creation, delivery, and consumption of content across the horizon. NeuralGarage is committed to contributing to this space and establishing a stronger connection between the creator and the consumer. Our first product VisualDub syncs the lip and jaw movements of any person in a video by using only audio as a driver which adds more realism visually, as compared to dubbing. It allows creators to connect to a larger audience pool with minimal effort and also provides an enhanced experience and improved comprehension for viewers,” commented NeuralGarage co-founder and CTO Subhabrata Debnath.