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ASUS is Official Gaming Hardware Provider for World GameMaster tourney

World GameMaster Tournament, one of the world’s largest gaming competitions in 2006, recently announced its selection of ASUSTeK Computer Inc. as its official gaming hardware provider. ASUS, the leading motherboard and graphics Solution Company, will supply gaming equipment for the tournament ranging from motherboards, video cards and chassis to LCD monitors and much more.

It was a no-brainer when it came to picking our hardware supplier,” said Te-Hsang Han, spokesperson for the WGT. “We had to take into consideration quality, performance and the completeness of product portfolio, and ASUS was the natural choice.”

WGT will take place in four cities in India through out the second half of 2006, and ASUS will provide its latest gaming solutions to the country’s elite players.

“The WGT is an excellent opportunity for hardcore gamers to meet and bond,” said Joe Hsieh, Director of ASUS Motherboard Business. “Furthermore, unlike other gaming events, the WGT will be equipped with the latest and most powerful gaming and video solutions, providing India a glimpse of what are the up and coming entertainment setups.”

In India, the WGT series of gaming events will commence from the 18th of August 2006. The first competition will be held in Bangalore, followed by similar qualifying competitions in Pune, Chennai and Mumbai. Nine teams from each city will qualify to compete in the grand finale to be held in Mumbai in October 2006.

ASUS as a gaming vendor has taken this platform to encourage PC gamers to test their skills on a national level. By this initiative, they wish to enhance the perception about PC gaming in the Indian scenario.

According to Amit Jaokar, Technical Promotion Manager, ASUS India, “WGT will allow PC gamers to experience the best gaming hardware and make PC gaming a respected and young generation sport in India. ASUS is proud to partner with the leading technology vendors like Intel & ATI to redefine the perception about gaming. ASUS is a top global manufacturer of high end gaming hardware and competitions like the WGT drive technology closer to end users.”

Intel will be the official CPU platform for the competition. WGT recommends Intel as the computing platform for high end games. According to GB Kumar, Director – South Asia Sales Group, Intel India, “The gaming industry in India is growing at a phenomenal pace. In addition, PC consumers have started demanding quality technology for the best in – class gaming experience. PCs based on the Intel Core2 Duo processor and Intel 965 Express Chipset deliver advanced features that bring higher grades of video, graphics, audio, and system performance for the most exciting gaming experience.”

“ATI is proud to join with Asus in bringing an international event of this stature to India. With the availability of the latest gaming technology from vendors like Asus and ATI, gamers in India are now in a position to compete and win against competitors from around the world,” said Rajshekhar Bhatt, Head of Sales, ATi Technologies India.

Amongst the latest products will be the world’s first Physics Processing Unit (PPU) add-in card, the ASUS PhyX P1. By bringing the laws of physics into video performance, systems with the PhysX P1 can now offer enhanced realism for explosions, flying debris, liquid flows, water splashes and movements influenced by wind. No two motions will be the same, which means no more canned animations and predetermined interaction.

Also featured will be the P5B Deluxe WiFi-AP motherboard. It delivers extreme performance, minimum noise and maximum power saving. With special features like AI NOS, AI Gear and AI Nap, users can easily adjust computing speed for enhanced performance, quiet computing or power conservation. Adding to the bundle comes WiFi AP Solo and Array Mic offering extended technology benefits.

Other cutting-edge solutions include LCD monitors with response time acceleration and intelligent image enhancement, stylish chassis designed with superior cooling in mind, and a whole lot more.