Antacid brand ENO celebrates 50 years by entering the metaverse space

Leading antacid Brand ENO has entered the metaverse space with the launch of EnoVerse in PartyNite, Metaverse. They brought the first-ever stand-up comedy festival with ace stand-up comedian Zakir Khan on metaverse, offering an interactive and immersive experience to the audience.

The Eno Comedy Festival was hosted at EnoVerse, a specially designated land space for Eno within PartyNite metaverse.

“We couldn’t find the perfect venue for our 50th birthday, so we thought we might as well create one. Get ready to celebrate Eno’s 50 years at India’s first ever stand-up comedy show. Inside the Metaverse. We have the king of comedy Zakir Khan @zakirkhan_208 serving a plateful of laughs. @therahuldua @kaneezsurka @sahilbulla @yourbongguy @aiyyoshraddha @rahulsubramanic. See you at the party! #Enoturns50 #EnoPlatefulofLaughs,” Eno India shared via Instagram.

During the amazing celebration, Comedian Zakir Khan and other comedians like Kaneez Surka, Rahul Dua, Kiran Dutta (The Bong guy), Shraddha Jain (Aiyyo Shraddha), Sahil Shah & Rahul Subramanian interacted with audiences through a larger-than-life custom avatars. After the stand-up comedy festival, EnoVerse remains open for the public to explore on PartyNite metaverse and they can watch the comedy festival highlight videos on a big screen.  

“These are early days for Metaverse but it is the sure shot future of the internet. The brands who are early birds will reap the long-term benefits of a metaverse footprint. Now is the time to claim a spot and it’s heartening to see brands like ENO thinking innovatively to expand their brand visibility. Every engagement, every activity within PartyNite that we are working on will add to the use cases and perhaps become a template for the future. Real-time interaction amongst the top stand-up comedians in their gamified avatars in EnoVerse is clearly the most innovative example of how ENO can celebrate its 50th anniversary,” PartyNite (Gamitronics) founder Rajat Ojha said in a Newsvoir report.

“We went ahead and pushed the boundaries of technology and creativity to build a larger than life set around ENO brand with a grand welcome of Zakir who would in turn introduce the other comedians, this real-time interaction among them is something that the world is going to see for the first time apart from the event being the first ever stand-up comedy show inside a Metaverse. We captured the essence of ENO with its signature efflorescence which is practically impossible in the real world to capture and communicate,” he added.

Recently, India’s premier communications solutions provider, Bharti Airtel also known as Airtel, unveiled India’s first multiplex on the Partynite Metaverse platform. The Xstream multiplex offers an immersive content experience with multiple engagement layers, which allow users to interact on Partynite Metaverse.