Animatrik asserts its XR capabilities with a series of live virtual entertainment events

Animatrik Film Design mobilizes its state-of-the-art facilities to host and power revolutionary live entertainment in the XR space. 

Headquartered in Burnaby, Vancouver, with the company’s additional studio in Los Angeles, California, Animatrik is proving that its expertise in pre-recorded entertainment is equally equipped to drive the next generation of live XR entertainment. Forming one half of Shocap Entertainment (alongside Lifelike & Believable Animation Design), the studio has successfully brought to life fantastical dancers and ghostly virtual characters from the real-time performances of circus and band members during live music events.

Animatrik president and CTO Brett Ineson comments: “This year, live streams and online virtual concerts have become the main form of shared entertainment for audiences at home. Technologies in AR, VR or XR have enabled the acceleration of virtual events – along with our deep expertise in quality motion capture and virtual production, Animatrik is perfectly placed to expand into the virtual entertainment space. We’ve achieved this from our Vancouver studio throughout the pandemic, and with high calibre talent in BC, we’re thrilled to pioneer this era of incredible immersive experiences to shape the future of live virtual events for all audiences.”

Jill Barber and her Phantom Jazz Band: blending real-time performance capture of real performers with their virtual characters, motion-tracked using 50 Optitrack cameras, data rendered in the Unreal Engine, live-streamed to an online audience viewed via the FanXP platform by Tradable Bits Media, and in partnership with Live Nation Canada. 

LiViCi, PXR 2020 music live-stream: Vancouver-based acrobats came together to perform a live virtual circus demonstration to “Remember How We Forget” by Shane Koyczan.