PVR Director’s Rare & HumaraMovie, come together to launch ‘Shuruaat’ – India’s largest short film festival

Short films will be mentored by Vikas Behl, Vikramaditya Motwane, Anand Gandhi and Imtiaz Ali, Mukesh Chabbra, Rajashree, Ritesh Shah, Bijesh Jayarajan & Kshiti Nijhawan Agrawal. The winning films will be screened at a PVR cinema near you! HumaraMovie, the premiere channel for alternate Indian content with over 17 million views & 37,000 subscribers is associating with PVR Directors Rare- limited release arm of PVR Group to launch Indian short film festival aptly called ‘Shuruaat’- as this is just the beginning. The relevance of the festival came from the statistics that showcase 15,000 films certified in a year out of which 11000 are short films. This indicates that each year, the number of documentary and short film makers in India taken as category together rises by at least 20,000. With over 400 talented submissions, it has been a tough journey to get to the final 13 who are being mentored by Imtiaz Ali, Anand Gandhi, Vikramaditya Motwane & Imtiaz Ali. Right from script guidance of Ritesh Shah, Kshiti Nijhawan Agrawal, Bijesh Jayarajan and Rajashree to casting support from Mukesh Chabbra, HumaraMovie is working with these talented filmmakers to create something different. Humaramovie.com along with PVR realizes the importance of content, and the talent that goes behind the creation of such content therefore coming up with the idea of a short film festival.

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