Cadbury launches ‘Wowie’ with Disney characters

Cadbury Daily Milk Wowie Cadbury has launched a new product – Cadbury Daily Milk Wowie, which is a chocolate delight with Disney characters Mickey, Pluto, Goofy and Donald. These popular cartoon characters will be presented in a delectable white and brown chocolate. nullCadbury Daily Milk Wowie is an endeavour to enthuse kids by adding to their playful sweet moments and reach the chocolate lovers with something novel. Cadbury India Limited director marketing Sanjay Purohit says, â€?We are as excited as our Cadbury lovers would be, to have the new Cadbury Wowie. The â€?Wow Factor being a new Disney toon smiling every time a consumer opens the wrapper. We will continue to surprise our consumers with interesting and creative brand offerings such as this, which allows us to interact with them as they engage and enjoy the product.â€? Cadbury Diary Milk Wowie is targeted at the 8-13 year old consumers and is priced at Rs 10 per pack of 22 grams.