VFX 'Zootopia' tops box office four years after release

‘Zootopia’ tops box office four years after release

More than four years after its first release, Disney’s Zootopia is back at the top of the box office, having grossed all of $280,000 over the weekend. The feature now boasts a lifetime domestic total of around $341.5 million. According to Deadline, some 1,100 of the exhibition sector’s 5,900 theaters are running, with drive-ins still doing better business than traditional venues.

Marvel’s The Avengers (2012) came second last weekend with $260,000. Universal’s Trolls World Tour, which premiered simultaneously online and in theaters in April, was the only other animated feature in the top ten, coming in seventh with $138,000.

A few months after the initial shutdowns, movie theaters are attempting to reopen and jumpstart business, but there still aren’t any new films scheduled to come out until August (and it’s far from a guarantee that will actually happen). As a result, theaters have resorted to screening classic titles, giving viewers the opportunity to see older movies on the big screen again. Last week, Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park topped the box office 27 years after its premiere, and now more older films are going head-to-head.

Tenet and Mulan, the two tentpole films that were supposed to herald cinemas’ return this month, are now due to launch in August.