‘X-Men: Green’ plot continues in Marvel Unlimited’s fan-loved anthology series ‘X-Men Unlimited’

The fan-favourite Marvel Unlimited anthology series kicks off a new story arc on 4 April in the exclusive Infinity Comic format. Resuming the X-Men: Green story first told in X-Men Unlimited Infinity Comic #5-12, issue #29 picks up where Nature Girl and Curse left off with an all-new five-part arc.  

The X-Men: Green storyline continues in the first part of its second arc when Nature Girl and Curse, fresh off their escape from Krakoa, commandeer a ship with Sauron (and Saoirse). Now, with only each other to call a crew, the foursome accept their mission from the Marauders’ Pyro: stop a pack of whale hunters by any means necessary.

Writer Karla Pacheco teams with artist Emilio Laiso for X-Men Unlimited’s latest saga. Fans can read the newest installment of X-Men: Green in the Marvel Unlimited app and read new chapters weekly every Monday.

X-Men Unlimited #29 is written by Karla Pacheco, with art by Emilio Laiso and colour by Rachelle Rosenberg, edited by Jordan White.

Here’s X-Men: Green’s official synopsis: AN “X” CROSSING DANGEROUS LINES! When a young X-Man breaks the laws of Krakoa and takes a life, it’s up to Wolverine to track down his former student and take her down… But Nature Girl is tired of standing by while humanity destroys her home. 

Here’s X-Men Unlimited’s official synopsis: The mutants of earth have risen up and founded the nation of Krakoa… but that has not meant any less trouble for them. An all-star cast of creators bring you rotating adventures of the various mutants of the world and their friends and allies!

Marvel Unlimited is a one-stop destination for over 29,000 comics spanning the entire Marvel Universe.

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