Women at the forefront of Black Panther’s new TV spot trailer

‘Black Panther’
With each passing week, Marvel is kicking up the gear of Black Panther promotions as here comes another video clip, the latest in the movie’s relentless conveyor belt. Called the Entourage TV spot, the clip emphasises more on the enormous women cast of the film as right from T’Challa’s (Chadwick Boseman) sister (Letitia Wright) and mother (Angela Bassett) to the female Wakanda warriors, all are seen flexing their muscles and pull off some outrageous action moves. The dark shadow of Erik Killmonger (Michael Jordan) and co. looms large upon the safety and integrity of the kingdom of Wakanda, and looks like the king isn’t alone in this battle to save it. The clip portrays fight sequences taking place across a casino, in the midst of a busy city street, among the mountains, and even in the skies between a few drones, as the Wakandan women are at the cynosure of it all. Now that’s another healthy dose of Marvel’s latest actioner and what lies in this African misadventure! Produced by Marvel Studios, Black Panther releases on 16 February 2018.