VFX Wolverine goes up against Deadpool in new Marvel comics -

Wolverine goes up against Deadpool in new Marvel comics

It seems that Marvel is still at the top of their game with the new comic book release with an interesting versus battle. The company holds nothing back, now that they are making two beasts face-off, wildly striking each other in an epic battle.

The book features Marvel heroes Deadpool and Old Man Logan, an X-man, both highly adept in the use of blades and healing abilities. This new issue brings in surprises and is a continuation of the famous ‘Deadpool vs’ series. This brilliant piece has been written by former Deadpool artist Declan Shalvey and drawn by Nailbiter’s Mike Henderson.

The story begins with Logan uncovering information about a newly discovered omega-level mutant and attempts to rescue her. Deadpool attempts to tag along for the adventure; but in vain, as Logan dismisses him and rejects his assistance completely.

As such, Deadpool decides to make Logan his foe through his mission and outmatch him in every way possible.

This is the first volume of the first issue which has a total of five issues and has been released on 18 October 2017.

The second issue is currently being worked on and is slated for a 15 November, 2017 release. Marvel has released several ‘vs’ titles before, which had put up Deadpool against other Marvel characters like the Punisher.