Winsing to display new toys at the Shanghai Licensing Expo

Winsing Animation announced that it will exhibit its latest products at the coming Shanghai LEC from 14 to 16 July 2021. In the exhibition, the newest toys and merchandise of GG Bond, GOGOBUS, Team S.T.E.A.M.!, Metalion, FeyFeyStyle and CUBE-Q will be presented. Its merchandising has covered lots of areas including garment, food, and tourism. 

Among the popular toys, Winsing will also roll out the brand-new mystery toy boxes named Princess FeyFey’s Farytale Land. Cooperating with YOU-Q Culture, the mystery toy boxes get the inspiration from Phoebe, the character from Winsing’s well-known animation series GG Bond. Keeping in mind the fairytale forest that appeared in Phoebe’s dream, the toy box series will present a wonderful adventure where she helps the animals lost in the forest find their way home. 

Combining its own IP elements with the preferences of audiences, Winsing established the “YOUNGDYNASTY” brand that focuses on creating art toys IP. Winsing’s entry into the art toy market has broken the traditional audience barriers of GG Bond that targeted kids, and endowed the IP merchandising with more directions and possibilities.

Apart from Winsing’s attempt in the art toy industry, new animation series GG Bond S17, GOGOBUS Season Seven, Team S.T.E.A.M.! will be shown in the exhibition, and Winsing will bring the new content to next week’s 2021 SPP Online for show as well.